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Check out our picks for the best sci-fi movies of 1978. These sci-fi films our rated as our top movies of 1978. New movies are added everyday and we are dedicated to including every sci-fi movie ever made.

1978 Sci-Fi Movies List

  1. Superman (1978)

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    PG | 2h 23min | 143min | 15 Dec 1978

    Superman 1978
       Score: 8.15/10

    Director: Richard Donner

    Starring: Harry Fielder, Terence Stamp, Sarah Douglas, Margot Kidder, Michael Ensign

    Synopsis: Just before the destruction of the planet Krypton, scientist Jor-El sends his infant son Kal-El on a spaceship to Earth. Raised by kindly farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, young Clark discovers the source of his superhuman powers and moves to Metropolis to fight evil. As Superman, he battles the villainous Lex Luthor, while, as novice reporter Clark Kent, he attempts to woo co-worker Lois Lane

    Tagline: You'll believe a man can fly.

  2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

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    PG | 1h 55min | 115min | 22 Dec 1978

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978
       Score: 8.1/10

    Director: Philip Kaufman

    Starring: Veronica Cartwright, Jeff Goldblum, Donald Sutherland, Michael Chapman, Brooke Adams

    Synopsis: The first remake of the paranoid infiltration classic moves the setting for the invasion from a small town to the city of San Fransisco and starts as Matthew Bennell notices that several of his friends are complaining that their close relatives are in some way different. When questioned later they themselves seem changed as they deny everything or make lame excuses. As the invaders increase in number they become more open and Bennell, who has by now witnessed an attempted "replacement" realises that he and his friends must escape or suffer the same fate. But who can he trust to…

    Tagline: Get some sleep

  3. The Fury (1978)

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    R | 1h 58min | 118min | 10 Mar 1978

    The Fury 1978
       Score: 7.2/10

    Director: Brian De Palma

    Starring: Rutanya Alda, Daryl Hannah, J. Patrick McNamara, Amy Irving, Carrie Snodgress

    Synopsis: A secret US agency behind the unscrupulous Childress gathers children with parapsychologic abilities and trains them to become killers in war situations. To rescue his son, who was officially declared dead after an arranged accident, the ex-CIA agent Peter investigates against Childress.

    Tagline: An experience in terror and suspense.

  4. Piranha (1978)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 03 Aug 1978

    Piranha 1978
       Score: 6.73/10

    Director: Joe Dante

    Starring: Dick Miller, R.C. Keene, Belinda Balaski, Paul Bartel, Shawn Nelson

    Synopsis: When flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort's rivers, the guests become their next meal.

    Tagline: A hideous death lurked unseen in the river...

  5. Patrick (1978)

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    PG | 1h 52min | 112min | 07 Sep 1979

    Patrick 1978
       Score: 5.9/10

    Director: Richard Franklin

    Starring: Rod Mullinar, Peter Culpan, Paul Young, Frank Wilson, Robert Thompson

    Synopsis: After the shocking bathtub death of his mother and her lover, the sinister Patrick lays comatose in a small private hospital, his only action being his involuntary spitting. When a pretty young nurse, just separated from her husband, begins work at the hospital, she senses that Patrick is communicating with her, and he seems to be using his psychic powers to manipulate events in her life.

    Tagline: Patrick is Nearly Dead ... And Still He Kills!

  6. The Medusa Touch (1978)

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    PG | 1h 45min | 105min

    The Medusa Touch 1978
       Score: 5.65/10

    Director: Jack Gold

    Starring: Michael Byrne, Harry Andrews, Philip Stone, Michael Hordern, Lee Remick

    Synopsis: John Morlar is watching the British television broadcast when an anchorman states that American astronauts are trapped in orbit around the moon. Suddenly someone in Morlar's room picks up a figurine and strikes him on the head repeatedly. His blood splatters the television screen. A French police inspector, Brunel, arrives at Morlar's apartment to begin an investigation. At first he thinks Morlar is dead, but soon he hears him breathe. At the hospital, Morlar is hooked up to life support systems, one machine in particular monitors the activity of his battered brain. Brunel discovers that Morlar has been in psychological…

    Tagline: Richard Burton is the man with the medusa touch ... he has the power to create catastrophe.

  7. It Lives Again (1978)

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    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 10 May 1978

    It Lives Again 1978
       Score: 5.25/10

    Director: Larry Cohen

    Starring: James Dixon, Jill Gatsby, Andrew Duggan, Bobby Ramsen, Kathleen Lloyd

    Synopsis: An epidemic of mutant monster babies sweeps America.

    Tagline: The "It's Alive" baby was only the beginning...

  8. Warlords of the Deep (1978)

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    PG | 1h 36min | 96min

    Warlords of the Deep 1978
       Score: 5.07/10

    Director: Kevin Connor

    Starring: Shane Rimmer, John Ratzenberger, Hal Galili, Michael Gothard, Robert Brown

    Synopsis: Searching for the lost world of Atlantis, Prof. Aitken, his son Charles and Greg Collinson are betrayed by the crew of their expedition's ship, attracted by the fabulous treasures of Atlantis. The diving bell destroyed, a deep sea monster attacks the boat. They are all dragged to the bottom of the sea where they meet the inhabitants of the lost continent, an advance alien race makes slaves of the ship-wrecked sailors. The aliens want to rule the human world to create a nazi state. Due to his high IQ, they think that Charles may join them. Greg and the team…

    Tagline: From the depth of space they came to vanish beneath the sea...

  9. The Bees (1978)

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    PG | 1h 33min | 93min

    The Bees 1978
       Score: 4.03/10

    Directors: Alfredo Zacarías, Alfredo Zacarías

    Starring: John Saxon, Don Maxwell, Claudio Brook, John Carradine, Roger Cudney

    Synopsis: Corporate smuggling of South American killer bees into the United States results in huge swarms terrorizing the northern hemisphere. A small team of scientists work desperately to destroy the threat, but the bees soon mutate into a super-intelligent species that threatens the world.

    Tagline: They prey on HUMAN FLESH!

  10. Laserblast (1978)

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    PG | 1h 25min | 85min | 01 Mar 1978

    Laserblast 1978
       Score: 3.67/10

    Director: Michael Rae

    Starring: Roddy McDowall, Simmy Bow, Joanna Lipari, Gianni Russo, Eddie Deezen

    Synopsis: Alien creatures kill a mutated alien creature in the California desert. Its remains, and the high-tech laser gun and power source accidentally left behind, are found by an ostracized teenager. However, the power source causes the teenager to mutate too, and he goes on a murderous rampage.

    Tagline: Billy was a kid who got pushed around... Then he found the power

  11. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

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    PG | 1h 23min | 83min | 08 Oct 1978

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! 1978
       Score: 2.73/10

    Director: John De Bello

    Starring: Dana Ashbrook, Donna Woodrum, John De Bello, George Wilson, David Miller

    Synopsis: After a wave of reports of mysterious attacks involving people and pets being eaten by the traditionally docile fruit, a special government task force is set up to investigate the violent fruit and put a stop to their murderous spree. Included in this crack team are a lieutenant who never goes anywhere without his parachute, an underwater expert who's never out of his scuba gear, and a master of disguise who conceals his appearance by dressing as a black Adolf Hitler.

    Tagline: "Aaargh! ..."

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