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Check out our picks for the best sci-fi movies of 2009. These sci-fi films our rated as our top movies of 2009. New movies are added everyday and we are dedicated to including every sci-fi movie ever made.

2009 Sci-Fi Movies List

  1. Star Trek (2009)

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    PG-13 | 2h 07min | 127min | 08 May 2009

    Star Trek 2009
       Score: 8.53/10

    Director: J.J. Abrams

    Starring: Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Chris Hemsworth, Deep Roy

    Synopsis: On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his damaged starship in a last stand against a Romulan mining vessel looking for Ambassador Spock, who in this time, has grown on Vulcan disdained by his neighbors for his half-human heritage. 25 years later, James T. Kirk has grown into a young rebellious troublemaker. Challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to realize his potential in Starfleet, he comes to annoy academy instructors like Commander Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency on Vulcan and the newly-commissioned USS Enterprise is crewed with promising cadets like Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov…

    Tagline: The future begins.

  2. District 9 (2009)

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    R | 1h 52min | 112min | 14 Aug 2009

    District 9 2009
       Score: 8.33/10

    Director: Neill Blomkamp

    Starring: Jed Brophy, Jeff Moffitt, Brandon Auret, Sharlto Copley, John Sumner

    Synopsis: In 1982, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population, nicknamed "The Prawns," appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty-eight years later, the initial welcome by the human population has faded. The refugee camp where the aliens were located has deteriorated into a militarized ghetto called District 9, where they are confined and exploited in squalor. In 2010, the munitions corporation, Multi-National United, is contracted to forcibly evict the population with operative Wikus van der Merwe in charge. In this operation, Wikus is exposed to a strange alien chemical and must rely on the help of his only two new…

    Tagline: You are not welcome here.

  3. Avatar (2009)

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    R | 2h 42min | 162min | 18 Dec 2009

    Avatar 2009
       Score: 8.1/10

    Director: James Cameron

    Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Terry Notary, Lasco Atkins, Joseph Mika-Hunt, CCH Pounder

    Synopsis: When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. In exchange for the spinal surgery that will fix his legs, Jake gathers intel for the cooperating military unit spearheaded by gung-ho Colonel Quaritch, while simultaneously attempting to infiltrate the Na'vi people with the use of an "avatar" identity. While Jake begins to bond…

    Tagline: Enter the World

  4. Moon (2009)

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    R | 1h 37min | 97min | 10 Jul 2009

    Moon 2009
       Score: 7.87/10

    Director: Duncan Jones

    Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Kevin Spacey, Sam Rockwell, Malcolm Stewart, Benedict Wong

    Synopsis: Sam Bell has a three year contract to work for Lunar Industries. For the contract's entire duration, he is the sole employee based at their lunar station. His primary job responsibility is to harvest and periodically rocket back to Earth supplies of helium-3, the current clean and abundant fuel used on Earth. There is no direct communication link available between the lunar station and Earth, so his only direct real-time interaction is with GERTY, the intelligent computer whose function is to attend to his day to day needs. With such little human contact and all of it indirect, he feels…

    Tagline: The last place you'd ever expect to find yourself

  5. Zombieland (2009)

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    R | 1h 28min | 88min | 02 Oct 2009

    Zombieland 2009
       Score: 7.65/10

    Director: Ruben Fleischer

    Starring: Abigail Breslin, Ernie Hudson, Amber Heard, Bill Murray, Ashley Lambert

    Synopsis: Searching for family. In the early twenty-first century, zombies have taken over America. A shy and inexperienced college student in Texas has survived by following his 30 rules: such as "look in the back seat," "double-tap," "avoid public restrooms." He decides to travel to Ohio to see if his parents are alive. He gets a ride with a boisterous zombie-hating good-old boy headed for Florida, and soon they confront a young woman whose sister has been bitten by a zombie and wants to be put out of her misery. The sisters were headed to an LA amusement park they've heard…

    Tagline: Our land is their land.

  6. Ink (2009)

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    R | 1h 47min | 107min

    Ink 2009
       Score: 7.35/10

    Director: Jamin Winans

    Starring: Laurel Harris, Brian Taylor, Rebecca Spicher, Rafael Hernández, Jeremy Walker

    Synopsis: As the light fades and the city goes to sleep, two forces emerge. They are invisible except for the power they exert over us in our sleep, battling for our souls through dreams. One force delivers hope and strength through good dreams; the other infuses the subconscious with desperation through nightmares. John and Emma, Father and Daughter are wrenched into this fantastical dream world battle, forced to fight for John's soul and to save Emma from an eternal nightmare. Separate in their journey, they encounter unusual characters that exist only in their subconscious. Or do they?

  7. Watchmen (2009)

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    R | 2h 42min | 162min | 06 Mar 2009

    Watchmen 2009
       Score: 7.05/10

    Director: Zack Snyder

    Starring: Luke Burnyeat, Patrick Sabongui, Michael Adamthwaite, Patrick Wilson, Garry Chalk

    Synopsis: In a gritty and alternate 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so discover a deeper and far more diabolical plot.

    Tagline: This city is afraid of me. I've seen its true face.

  8. Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (2009)

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    PG | 0h 30min | 30min | 28 Oct 2009

    Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space 2009
       Score: 7.03/10

    Director: Peter Ramsey

    Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Julie White

    Synopsis: Susan Murphy (a.k.a. Ginormica) and the Monsters are now working with the U.S. Government as special ops. So when an alien presence is detected in Susan's hometown of Modesto, California, right before Halloween, the team is dispatched to investigate. Everything appears normal, right down to the jack-o-lanterns peering out from every doorstep and windowsill. But when Halloween arrives, those innocent-looking carved pumpkins reveal themselves for what they really are, mutant aliens. The altered pumpkins then start to implement their fiendish plan to take over Earth. The Monsters are there to combat the mutant gourds and try to smash their wicked…

  9. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

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    PG | 1h 34min | 94min | 27 Mar 2009

    Monsters vs. Aliens 2009
       Score: 6.98/10

    Directors: Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon

    Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Mike Mitchell

    Synopsis: When a meteorite from outer space hits a young California woman named Susan Murphy and turns her into a giant monster, she is taken to a secret government compound where she meets a ragtag group of monsters also rounded up over the years. As a last resort, under the guidance of General W.R. Monger, on a desperate order from The President, the motley crew of Monsters is called into action to combat the aliens and save the world from imminent destruction!

    Tagline: Oooze gonna save us?

  10. Mr. Nobody (2009)

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    R | 2h 21min | 141min | 26 Sep 2013

    Mr. Nobody 2009
       Score: 6.97/10

    Director: Jaco Van Dormael

    Starring: Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Rhys Ifans, Juno Temple, Daniel Mays

    Synopsis: In the year 2092, one hundred eighteen year old Nemo is recounting his life story to a reporter. He is less than clear, often times thinking that he is only thirty-four years of age. But his story becomes more confusing after he does focus on the fact of his current real age. He tells of his life at three primary points in his life: at age nine (when his parents divorced), age sixteen and age thirty-four. The confusing aspect of the story is that he tells of alternate life paths, often changing course with the flick of a decision at…

    Tagline: Nothing is real, everything is possible.

  11. Carriers (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 24min | 84min | 02 Sep 2009

    Carriers 2009
       Score: 6.55/10

    Directors: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor, Àlex Pastor

    Starring: Dylan Kenin, Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Christopher Meloni, Brighid Fleming

    Synopsis: In a world devastated by an outbreak, Brian, his girlfriend Bobby, his brother Danny and their friend, Kate, are heading to a beach where the brothers spent their childhood vacations expecting it to be a sanctuary. When their car breaks down on the road in the desert, they negotiate with a man called Frank, who is also stranded but without gas. He is trying to get his daughter Jodie to the hospital (she is infected with a disease of some kind), they all decide to travel together. During the journey, massive moral dilemmas arise, as events head into a downward…

    Tagline: The rules are simple. You break them, you die...

  12. Splice (2009)

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    R | 1h 44min | 104min | 04 Jun 2010

    Splice 2009
       Score: 6.39/10

    Director: Vincenzo Natali

    Starring: Adrien Brody, David Hewlett, Sarah Polley, Brandon McGibbon, Delphine Chanéac

    Synopsis: Two young rebellious scientists are told by their employers to halt groundbreaking work that has seen them produce new creatures with medical benefits by splicing together multiple organisms' DNA. They decide to secretly continue their work, but this time splicing in human DNA.

    Tagline: A secret experiment will break the laws of science and create an animal human hybrid.

  13. 9 (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 19min | 79min | 09 Sep 2009

    9 2009
       Score: 6.27/10

    Director: Shane Acker

    Starring: Elijah Wood, Fred Tatasciore, Christopher Plummer, Tom Kane, John C. Reilly

    Synopsis: In a world destroyed in a war between man and machine, a hand-stitched doll with the number 9 written on its back comes to life. The world he has awakened in is frightening, but he quickly learns that he is not alone and that there are others like him, also with a single digit written on their back. The first one he encounters is 2 who tells him something of what happened to the world. 2 is also thrilled with the disk 9 is carrying, one with three unique symbols on the front. 9 soon learns that the disk and…

    Tagline: (1) To Protect Us...

  14. Daybreakers (2009)

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    R | 1h 38min | 98min | 08 Jan 2010

    Daybreakers 2009
       Score: 6.2/10

    Directors: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig

    Starring: Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, Willem Dafoe, Christopher Kirby, Alex Revan

    Synopsis: In a world 10 years into the future, vampires make up the vast majority of the population with only 5% of the human race remaining. This presents particular challenges as the vampires' food supply - human blood - is dwindling and rationing is now the norm. There is growing evidence that vampires deprived of an adequate blood supply are themselves evolving into wild, vile creatures that attack anyone and anything in order to survive. Dr. Edward Dalton, a vampire and hematologist who works for a pharmaceutical firm, has been working on finding an artificial blood supply that will meet the…

    Tagline: In 2019, the most precious natural resource... is us.

  15. Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut (2009)

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    R | 1h 32min | 92min | 21 Jul 2009

    Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut 2009
       Score: 6.15/10

    Director: Mario Azzopardi

    Starring: Colin Lawrence, Alexis Cruz, Gary Jones, Michael Shanks, Adam Harrington

    Synopsis: An alien similar to Ra appears out of the Stargate, killing five soldiers and kidnapping another, a year after the original Stargate mission. A new team is assembled, including some old members, and they go in search of the missing soldier in order to find out how Ra could still be alive. Meanwhile, the alien Goa'uld kidnap Sha're and Skaara, implanting them with symbiotes and making them Goa'uld hosts.

  16. Terminator Salvation (2009)

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    R | 1h 55min | 115min | 21 May 2009

    Terminator Salvation 2009
       Score: 5.66/10

    Director: McG

    Starring: Brian Steele, Michael Ironside, Michael Papajohn, Anton Yelchin, Helena Bonham Carter

    Synopsis: In 2003, in the Longview State Correctional Facility, the criminal Marcus Wright is on death row, and is convinced by the cancerous Dr. Serena Kogan to donate his body to her research and he accepts. In 2018, after an unsuccessful attack to a Skynet facility, only John Connor survives, but he discovers that Skynet is developing the powerful new model T-800. Out of the blue, Marcus appears naked and with amnesia in the location. Marcus befriends the teenager Kyle Reese and the girl Star who help him to survive the lethal machines and they travel together in a Jeep. Meanwhile…

    Tagline: The End Begins

  17. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

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    G | 1h 34min | 94min | 01 Jul 2009

    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2009
       Score: 5.53/10

    Directors: Carlos Saldanha, Mike Thurmeier

    Starring: Simon Pegg, John Leguizamo, Bill Hader, Joey King, Denis Leary

    Synopsis: After the events of "Ice Age: The Meltdown", life begins to change for Manny and his friends: Scrat is still on the hunt to hold onto his beloved acorn, while finding a possible romance in a female sabre-toothed squirrel named Scratte. Manny and Ellie, having since become an item, are expecting a baby, which leaves Manny anxious to ensure that everything is perfect for when his baby arrives. Diego is fed up with being treated like a house-cat and ponders the notion that he is becoming too laid-back. Sid begins to wish for a family of his own, and so…

    Tagline: The sub-zero heroes are back, on an incredible adventure... for the ages.

  18. Doghouse (2009)

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    R | 1h 29min | 89min | 12 Jun 2009

    Doghouse 2009
       Score: 5.45/10

    Director: Jake West

    Starring: Neil Maskell, Stephen Graham, Noel Clarke, Emily Booth, Keith-Lee Castle

    Synopsis: Vince is handling his divorce badly. He's depressed. Gone to pieces. But his mates aren't giving up on him. Struggling with their own women troubles, they drag him off for an ultimate lads drinking weekend in the country. Arriving in the village of Moodley where the women outnumber the men 3:1, the boys find themselves holidaying in a village overrun by psychotic, homicidal Zombirds with a thirst for male flesh.

    Tagline: The battle of the sexes just got bloody..........

  19. The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 31 Jul 2009

    The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations 2009
       Score: 5.39/10

    Director: Seth Grossman

    Starring: Bill Lumbert, Dennis North, Michael Ellison, Lynch R. Travis, Andi Foster

    Synopsis: Sam Reide has the ability of traveling to the past and works with the police department solving unresolved crimes, witnessing the events with the support of his sister, Jenna Reide and reporting the criminal's identity to detective Dan Glenn. When Elizabeth Brown, the sister of his former girlfriend Rebecca Brown that was murdered a couple of years ago pays a visit to him, she tells him that she has just found Rebecca's journal with evidences that Lonnie Flennons, who was accused for the murder is innocent. Sam decides to witness the murder of Rebecca and his interference affects the future.…

    Tagline: Death repeats itself.

  20. The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 47min | 107min | 14 Aug 2009

    The Time Traveler's Wife 2009
       Score: 5.2/10

    Director: Robert Schwentke

    Starring: Matt Birman, Eric Bana, Dan Duran, Michelle Nolden, Ron Livingston

    Synopsis: When Henry DeTamble meets Clare Abshire in a Chicago library they both understand that he is a time traveler, but she knows much more about him as he has not yet been to the times and places where they have already met. He falls in love with her, as she has already with him, but his continuing unavoidable absences while time traveling - and then returning with increasing knowledge of their future - makes things ever more difficult for Clare.

  21. Infestation (2009)

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    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 28 Nov 2009

    Infestation 2009
       Score: 5.16/10

    Director: Kyle Rankin

    Starring: Ray Wise, Atanas Srebrev, Vlado Mihailov, Chris Marquette, Wesley Thompson

    Synopsis: Our hero, Cooper, awakes to find himself nauseous, weak and covered in webbing, hanging from the ceiling of an office where, just minutes ago, he started his new job. As he struggles out of his slimy prison he comes face to face with his opponent - a grotesque, powerful and very angry bug. All 3 ft of it. And so begins a hideous, nail-biting, comedic, all-action adventure to find a safe haven while constantly outwitting an infestation of monstrous proportions. As Cooper embarks on his journey, he befriends a ragtag group of survivors including Sara, a feisty determined female. Will…

    Tagline: You will be infected.

  22. Knowing (2009)

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    PG-13 | 2h 01min | 121min | 20 Mar 2009

    Knowing 2009
       Score: 5.05/10

    Director: Alex Proyas

    Starring: Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Ted Maynard, Liam Hemsworth, Marc Lawrence

    Synopsis: In the fall of 1959, for a time capsule, students draw pictures of life as they imagine it will be in 50 years. Lucinda, an odd child who hears voices, swiftly writes a long string of numbers. In 2009, the capsule is opened; student Caleb Koestler gets Lucinda's "drawing" and his father John, an astrophysicist and grieving widower, takes a look. He discovers dates of disasters over the past 50 years with the number who died. Three dates remain, all coming soon. He investigates, learns of Lucinda, and looks for her family. He fears for his son, who's started to…

    Tagline: Knowing is Everything...

  23. Mutants (2009)

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    R | 1h 35min | 95min | 06 May 2009

    Mutants 2009
       Score: 5.02/10

    Director: David Morlet

    Starring: Nicolas Briançon, Nicolas Briançon, Frédéric Alhinho, Francis Renaud, Yves Girard

    Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

  24. Nine Miles Down (2009)

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    R | 1h 26min | 86min | 28 Jun 2012

    Nine Miles Down 2009
       Score: 4.98/10

    Director: Anthony Waller

    Starring: Adrian Paul, Nicholas Waller, Anthony Waller, Kate Nauta, Madelaine Dixon

    Synopsis: In the Sahara desert, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. Thomas "Jack" Jackman a security patrolman, battles through the high winds to find out why all contact with the station has been lost. Originally built for gas exploration, and then abandoned, the site had recently been taken over by a multi-national research team intent on drilling deeper into the earth's crust than ever before.

    Tagline: Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil...

  25. The Box (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 55min | 115min | 06 Nov 2009

    The Box 2009
       Score: 4.94/10

    Director: Richard Kelly

    Starring: James Marsden, Robert Harvey, Frank Langella, James Rebhorn, John Franchi

    Synopsis: Norma and Arthur Lewis, a suburban couple with a young child, receive a simple wooden box as a gift, which bears fatal and irrevocable consequences. A mysterious stranger delivers the message that the box promises to bestow upon its owner $1 million with the press of a button. However, pressing this button will simultaneously cause the death of another human being somewhere in the world, someone they don't know. With just 24 hours to have the box in their possession, Norma and Arthur find themselves in the cross-hairs of a startling moral dilemma and must face the true nature of…

    Tagline: You Are The Experiment

  26. Surrogates (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 29min | 89min | 25 Sep 2009

    Surrogates 2009
       Score: 4.87/10

    Director: Jonathan Mostow

    Starring: Rana Morrison, Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Ving Rhames, Rosamund Pike

    Synopsis: People are living their lives remotely from the safety of their own homes via robotic surrogates -- sexy, physically perfect mechanical representations of themselves. It's an ideal world where crime, pain, fear and consequences don't exist. When the first murder in years jolts this utopia, FBI agent Greer discovers a vast conspiracy behind the surrogate phenomenon and must abandon his own surrogate, risking his life to unravel the mystery.

    Tagline: How do you save humanity when the only thing that's real is you?

  27. The Thaw (2009)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 29 Sep 2010

    The Thaw 2009
       Score: 4.84/10

    Director: Mark A. Lewis

    Starring: Garry Chalk, Alejandro Rae, William B. Davis, Viv Leacock, Val Kilmer

    Synopsis: At a remote Arctic research station, four ecology students discover the real horror of global warming is not the melting ice, but what's frozen within it. A prehistoric parasite is released from the carcass of a Woolly Mammoth upon the unsuspecting students who are forced to quarantine and make necessary sacrifices, or risk infecting rest of the world

    Tagline: This spring, the sacrifice begins...

  28. Underworld : The Rise of the Lycans (2009)

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    R | 1h 32min | 92min | 23 Jan 2009

    Underworld : The Rise of the Lycans 2009
       Score: 4.76/10

    Director: Patrick Tatopoulos

    Starring: Brian Steele, Michael Sheen, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Kevin Grevioux

    Synopsis: The prequel story traces the origins of the centuries-old blood feud between the aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the Lycans. In the Dark Ages, a young Lycan named Lucian emerges as a powerful leader who rallies the werewolves to rise up against Viktor, the cruel vampire king who has enslaved them. Lucian is joined by his secret lover, Sonja, in his battle against the Vampire army and his struggle for Lycan freedom.

    Tagline: Every war has a beginning.

  29. Eyeborgs (2009)

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    R | 1h 42min | 102min

    Eyeborgs 2009
       Score: 4.71/10

    Director: Richard Clabaugh

    Starring: Danny Trejo, Adrian Paul, Joe Forbess, Lucas Elliot Eberl, Jordan Googe

    Synopsis: Are government surveillance cameras intended to keep us safe actually killing people? Is it a plot by the government to suppress the opposition, or have our terrorist enemies secretly gained control of our security system and are now using it against us? Following another major terrorist attack the US instigates an intense government surveillance program in which every camera in the country is linked into a single, all-seeing network called the ODIN system (for Optical Defense Intelligence Network). The system includes millions of mobile, robotic surveillance cameras known as "Eyeborgs," which watch everyone for suspicious behavior, all in the name…

    Tagline: You Are Being Watched!

  30. Ghost Machine (2009)

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    R | 1h 40min | 100min | 12 Apr 2010

    Ghost Machine 2009
       Score: 4.66/10

    Director: Chris Hartwill

    Starring: Rachael Taylor, Josh Dallas, Sean Faris, Luke Ford, Richard Dormer

    Synopsis: Two technicians battle a vengeful spirit that has infected their stolen military software.

    Tagline: A deadly new player has joined the game.

  31. High Plains Invaders (2009)

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    R | 1h 25min | 85min | 30 Aug 2009

    High Plains Invaders 2009
       Score: 4.66/10

    Director: Kristoffer Tabori

    Starring: Constantin Barbulescu, Angus MacInnes, Sanny van Heteren, Adriana Butoi, James Marsters

    Synopsis: A wild west town hosts the strangest showdown of all: against an invading army of extraterrestrials. Outlaws and townspeople must join forces to survive.

    Tagline: No One Invited Them. Nothing Can Stop Them.

  32. Star Runners (2009)

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    R | 1h 20min | 80min | 13 Jun 2009

    Star Runners 2009
       Score: 4.66/10

    Director: Mat King

    Starring: Atanas Srebrev, Velizar Binev, George Zlatarev, Hristo Mitzkov, Mike Straub

    Synopsis: Given a undercover government mission to retrieve a "crate" from a distant planet, TY JOHNS and LEI CHEN find that they must smuggle not a crate, but a woman off world -- and when their rocket-ship crash-lands on a planet packed with vicious giant alien bugs, they'll need all the cunning and ferocity they possess to stay alive...

  33. Wyvern (2009)

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    R | 1h 29min | 89min | 31 Jan 2009

    Wyvern 2009
       Score: 4.62/10

    Director: Steven R. Monroe

    Starring: David Lewis, John Shaw, Tinsel Korey, Nick Chinlund, Don S. Davis

    Synopsis: The residents of a small Alaskan town find themselves under attack by a flying reptile known in medieval mythology as a Wyvern. It has thawed from its ancient slumber by melting icecaps caused by global warming.

    Tagline: Ancient evil has come to feed.

  34. Carny (2009)

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    R | 1h 28min | 88min | 25 Apr 2009

    Carny 2009
       Score: 4.48/10

    Director: Sheldon Wilson

    Starring: Vlasta Vrana, Joe Cobden, Dominic Cuzzocrea, Kyle Gatehouse, Lou Diamond Phillips

    Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: The carnival is anything but fun.

  35. Pandorum (2009)

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    R | 1h 48min | 108min | 25 Sep 2009

    Pandorum 2009
       Score: 4.44/10

    Director: Christian Alvart

    Starring: Cam Gigandet, Norman Reedus, Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Antje Traue

    Synopsis: Two crew members are stranded on a spacecraft and quickly - and horrifically - realize they are not alone. Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It's pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the ship. They can't remember anything: Who are they? What is their mission? With Lt. Payton staying behind to guide him via radio transmitter, Cpl. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecraft's shocking, deadly secrets are revealed...and the astronauts find…

    Tagline: Don't fear the end of the world. Fear what happens next.

  36. Sand Serpents (2009)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 11 Jul 2009

    Sand Serpents 2009
       Score: 4.44/10

    Director: Jeff Renfroe

    Starring: Emil Hostina, Elias Toufexis, Sebastian Knapp, Tamara Hope, Andreea Paduraru

    Synopsis: A small group of US Army Soldiers are stranded in the remote Afghan desert. But it ain't the Taliban that's worrying them, it's these giant refugees from Tremors. In fact the big worms prove to be an ally of sorts by doing better against the Taliban than themselves but battling these enemies is something not covered in their training.

    Tagline: Terror Lies Beneath

  37. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

    video player

    R | 1h 26min | 86min

    Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever 2009
       Score: 4.44/10

    Director: Ti West

    Starring: Larry Fessenden, Joe Swanberg, Judah Friedlander, Billy Shepperd, Marc Senter

    Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: This time it's spreading

  38. Ice Twisters (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 26min | 86min | 14 Nov 2009

    Ice Twisters 2009
       Score: 4.35/10

    Director: Steven R. Monroe

    Starring: Chelan Simmons, Mark Moses, Robert Moloney, Dion Johnstone, Ryan Kennedy

    Synopsis: Charlie Price, a former scientist turned science fiction author, starts living one of his novels when the Federal Science Foundation's weather experiments escape control and turn disastrous.

    Tagline: Hell has frozen over.

  39. Zone of the Dead (2009)

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    R | 1h 41min | 101min | 01 Oct 2010

    Zone of the Dead 2009
       Score: 4.3/10

    Directors: Milan Todorovic, Milan Konjevic

    Starring: Kristina Klebe, Ken Foree, Loris Curci, Milena Predic, Bojan Dimitrijevic

    Synopsis: A police-escorted prisoner transport supervised by Interpol sets off to Belgrade. The route leads the transport through Pancevo, where they encounter an ecological disaster and infected people who are trying to kill them. Interpol agents Mortimer Reyes and Mina Milius soon realize that their only chance for escape from the zombie hordes lies in allying with the dangerous, mysterious prisoner.

    Tagline: The Dead Will Rise Forever!

  40. Aliens in the Attic (2009)

    video player

    PG | 1h 26min | 86min | 31 Jul 2009

    Aliens in the Attic 2009
       Score: 4.23/10

    Director: John Schultz

    Starring: J.K. Simmons, Kari Wahlgren, Andy Richter, Antonio Banderas, Ashley Tisdale

    Synopsis: Stuart Pearson heads with his family to spend a summer vacation in Creek Landing, Michigan, with his brother Nathan Pearson and his sons and their mother Rose in an old lake house they had rented. When the television has trouble with the image, Stuart's son Tom and the arrogant boyfriend of his sister Ricky Dillman go to the attic and then to the roof, where Tom meets his cousin Jake and they find the antenna dish totally destroyed. Sooner they discover four alien invaders that are preparing an invasion of the Earth that use a mind control weapon that only…

    Tagline: They came from upstairs.

  41. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

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    PG-13 | 2h 30min | 150min | 24 Jun 2009

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2009
       Score: 4.22/10

    Director: Michael Bay

    Starring: Frank Welker, Hugo Weaving, Tony Todd, Michael Papajohn, Glenn Morshower

    Synopsis: A youth chooses manhood. The week Sam Witwicky starts college, the Decepticons make trouble in Shanghai. A presidential envoy believes it's because the Autobots are around; he wants them gone. He's wrong: the Decepticons need access to Sam's mind to see some glyphs imprinted there that will lead them to a fragile object that, when inserted in an alien machine hidden in Egypt for centuries, will give them the power to blow out the sun. Sam, his girlfriend Mikaela Banes, and Sam's parents are in danger. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are Sam's principal protectors. If one of them goes down,…

    Tagline: The battle for Earth begins in theatres and IMAX 6.24.09

  42. The Dark Lurking (2009)

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    R | 1h 37min | 97min | 10 Oct 2011

    The Dark Lurking 2009
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Gregory Connors

    Starring: Anthony Edwards, John Cross, Joel Amos Byrnes, Ozzie Devrish, India Gaythwaite

    Synopsis: Something has gone terribly wrong at research station 320, a secret research facility one mile beneath the earth's surface. All communications are gone, all means of escape destroyed and an extremely dangerous horde of rapidly mutating ancient flesh eating creatures are consuming everything in their path. Eight survivors of the outpost, two research subjects, three mercenaries, two research technicians and a medic barricade themselves inside a remote area of the facility with little food, almost no means of defense and little hope of rescue. Their one possible escape route is through thirteen levels of terror that will lead them to…

  43. The Blackout (2009)

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    R | 1h 20min | 80min

    The Blackout 2009
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Robert David Sanders

    Starring: Edward Gusts, John Gorman, Chris Pauley, Barbara Streifel Sanders, Claire Cole

    Synopsis: After the city falls suddenly dark, the residents of a multistory building are faced with a hideous monster, who, apparently, was the cause of the people fallen on adversity. To confront bloodthirsty creatures killer moves on the floors, the neighbors together. But not many will survive this.

    Tagline: When the lights go out...the feeding begins.

  44. Hydra (2009)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 22 Feb 2009

    Hydra 2009
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Andrew Prendergast

    Starring: Michael Shamus Wiles, Ricco Ross, Graham Shiels, Texas Battle, George Stults

    Synopsis: Former Marine Tim Nolan has been kidnapped with three convicts, transported to a deserted island and forced to participate in a deadly game. The super rich pay a fortune to hunt human prey. But the island isn't deserted - it's home to Hydra the Beast!

    Tagline: Prepare to be consumed.

  45. Against the Dark (2009)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 10 Feb 2009

    Against the Dark 2009
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: Richard Crudo

    Starring: Keith David, Tanoai Reed, Linden Ashby, Alin Olteanu, Dan Chiriac

    Synopsis: When most of the population of Earth is infected with a virus and transformed into flesh eaters and blood drinking creatures, a group of hunters led by Tao chases the vampire zombies to eliminate them. Six non-infected survivors try to find the exit of an abandoned hospital crowded with the infected creatures, and Tao and his group help them. Meanwhile, the military command is ready to bomb the area and wipe it from the map.

    Tagline: He lives by the sword. They will die by it.

  46. War Wolves (2009)

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    R | 1h 44min | 104min | 08 Mar 2009

    War Wolves 2009
       Score: 3.86/10

    Director: Michael Worth

    Starring: Adrienne Barbeau, John Saxon, Dan Southworth, Michael Worth, Martin Kove

    Synopsis: Jack Ford leads a special forces unit back to the United States to hunt down Jake Gabriel, a soldier who has been infected with the werewolf virus that turns man into wolf. Little does Jack know that three of the female soldiers serving in his unit have also been infected and have already transformed into she-wolves. The she-wolves' forces of evil and Ford's special op forces of good, are pitted against each other in the race to save mankind from turning into wolves.

    Tagline: They say war changes you... you have no idea.

  47. Anacondas: Trail of Blood (2009)

    R | 1h 29min | 89min | 28 Feb 2009

    Anacondas: Trail of Blood 2009
       Score: 3.85/10

    Director: Don E. FauntLeRoy

    Starring: John Rhys-Davies, Linden Ashby, Zoltan Butuc, Emil Hostina, Vasile Albinet

    Synopsis: Picking up immediately where Anaconda 3 left off, herpetologist Amanda Hayes finally learns her employer Murdoch's true colors when he hires a doctor to harvest a fresh supply of blood orchids to experiment with the regenerative nectar on a baby snake in order to seek treatment for his own terminal illness. Amanda is forced to secretly bring together another team of scientists whom face off against a heavily armed squad of Murdoch's men to steal the coveted orchids before the killer Anaconda hunts both parties down.

    Tagline: Bigger, Faster, Hungrier

  48. The Cell 2 (2009)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 16 Jun 2009

    The Cell 2 2009
       Score: 3.81/10

    Director: Tim Iacofano

    Starring: Frank Whaley, Charles Halford, Tessie Santiago, Michael Flynn, Amee Walden

    Synopsis: The Cusp is a serial killer who kills his victims and then brings them back to life! Over and over again! until they beg to die! Maya is a psychic investigator who gained her powers after a 1 year coma! After she was the Cusp's first victim! Now the Cusp Killer is back and Maya has little time to do what she has never done before, go into the mind of a killer unprotected, and save his latest victim!!!!!

    Tagline: In the mind of a mad man

  49. Gamer (2009)

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    R | 1h 35min | 95min | 04 Sep 2009

    Gamer 2009
       Score: 3.77/10

    Directors: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

    Starring: Lloyd Kaufman, Keith David, Dylan Kenin, Gerard Butler, John Leguizamo

    Synopsis: Ken Castle is extremely rich, popular and powerful since he invented and started exploiting the virtual online parallel reality games, in which people can either pay as user or be paid as 'actor' in a system of mind-control. The ultimate version, Slayers, fields death row convicts as gladiators in a desperate dim bid for survival, which no-one made yet. The champion, John 'Kable' Tillman, was scheduled to die just before he'ld gain release, but he persuades his teenage 'handler' to hand over the reins so he can fully use his talents and experience. Thus Kable escapes to freedom, only to…

    Tagline: In the near future, you don't live to play... you'll play to live.

  50. The Fourth Kind (2009)

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    PG-13 | 1h 38min | 98min | 06 Nov 2009

    The Fourth Kind 2009
       Score: 3.13/10

    Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi

    Starring: Elias Koteas, Milla Jovovich, Corey Johnson, Enzo Cilenti, Sara Houghton

    Synopsis: In 1972, a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters. When a UFO is sighted, it is called an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with extraterrestrials, it is the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. Modern-day, Alaska, where-mysteriously since the 1960s-a disproportionate number of the population has been reported missing every year. Despite multiple FBI investigations of the region, the truth has never been discovered. Here in this remote region, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler began videotaping sessions…

    Tagline: There are four kinds of alien encounters. The fourth kind is abduction.

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