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  1. Warbirds (2008)

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    R | 1h 25min | 85min | 19 Apr 2008

    Warbirds 2008
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Kevin Gendreau

    Starring: David Jensen, Stephanie Honoré, Brian Krause, Tohoru Masamune, Dennis Nguyen

    Synopsis: During WWII, a pilot and her crew carry a small group of American soldiers and an unknown cargo. However they get caught in a storm and they are forced to land in what is thought to be enemy territory. But the small island they land on holds more than men with guns.

  2. Hybrid (2007)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min

    Hybrid 2007
       Score: 4.03/10

    Directors: Yelena Lanskaya, John Blush

    Starring: Darren Wall, Will Woytowich, Tinsel Korey, William MacDonald, Cory Monteith

    Synopsis: It's an experiment in human behavior. It's an exploration of the most natural of animal impulses. It's something new under the moon. And it bites. When security dispatcher Aaron Scates is blinded in an explosion, he's put in the care of Dr. Andrea Hewlitt, famous in her field for spearheading extraordinary-though controversial-medical breakthroughs. Her newest is cross-species organ transplants, and Aaron is her first human subject. When a severely wounded wolf is brought to Dr. Hewlitt's office by museum curator Lydia Armstrong, Dr. Hewlitt leaps on the opportunity and successfully transplants the wolf's eyes to Aaron-despite Lydia's objections. Aaron, however,…

    Tagline: He's looking to kill!

  3. Elliot (2017)


    Elliot 2017
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Craig Jacobson

    Starring: Jay Sosnicki, Cassandra Sechler, Anthony A. Russell, Craig Jacobson, Rachel Toups

    Synopsis: Elliot is a lonely maintenance worker inside a stark and mysterious power supply complex. His only interactions are with a supervisor named Face who communicates to Elliot via different video monitors and overhead speakers located throughout the facility. Sentries are always keeping a close eye on Elliot to make sure he stays on task. When Elliot does have a rare moment alone, he plugs into his pod and escapes into another world as an idealized version of himself. The more he explores this alternate universe, the more he desires it, and consequentially, the less he trusts his own reality. As…

    Tagline: Innocence breeds cruelty in the realm of desire.

  4. Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf (2015)

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    R | 1h 25min | 85min | 19 Jul 2015

    Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf 2015
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Kevin O'Neill

    Starring: Casper Van Dien, Jennifer Wenger, Joe Forbess, Andrew E. Tilles, Iggy Pop

    Synopsis: When a mad scientist mixes the genes of a killer whale and a wolf, it creates the Whalewolf, and it's up to Sharktopus to stop it.

  5. No Good Heroes (2016)

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    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 24 Jul 2018

    No Good Heroes 2016
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Johnny Xeno

    Starring: Emma Ve, Joe Hammerstone, Rizwan Ali, Josh Castleberry, Bishop Stevens

    Synopsis: After living peacefully in the caverns of a small town, a stranded group of aliens turn deadly as they fight for their existence, betraying the compassionate chief of police who has protected them for 28 years.

    Tagline: Extinction is imminent.

  6. Doom (2005)

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    R | 1h 45min | 105min | 21 Oct 2005

    Doom 2005
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak

    Starring: Doug Jones, Brian Steele, Rana Morrison, Karl Urban, Richard Brake

    Synopsis: Something has gone wrong at a remote scientific research station on Mars. All research has ceased. Communication has failed. And the messages that do get through are less than comforting. It's a level 5 quarantine and the only souls allowed in or out are the Rapid Response Tactical Squad - hardened Marines armed to the teeth with enough firepower to neutralize the enemy...or so they think.

    Tagline: No one gets out alive.

  7. Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996)

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    R | 1h 35min | 95min | 25 Feb 1997

    Leprechaun 4: In Space 1996
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith

    Starring: Warwick Davis, Rick Peters, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Ladd York

    Synopsis: On a distant planet, a power hungry Leprechaun kidnaps a Dominian princess, Princess Zarina, and plans to make himself king, but not if a bumbling brigade of space marines have anything to say about it. Their commander is a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Mittenhand, who's half machine thanks to one of his "experiments". Once on the planet, Leprechaun is blown up, but quickly is reborn through one of the marines (ala Alien) and wreaks havoc aboard the ship, meanwhile Dr. Mittenhand plans to use the princess for his experiments to make himself whole again. But now, after…

    Tagline: One small step for man. One giant leap of terror!

  8. The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)

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    R | 1h 22min | 82min | 10 Aug 1962

    The Brain That Wouldn't Die 1962
       Score: 4/10

    Director: Joseph Green

    Starring: Anthony La Penna, Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Adele Lamont, Bonnie Sharie

    Synopsis: Dr. Bill Cortner has been performing experimental surgery on human guinea pigs without authorization and against the advice of his father, also a surgeon. When Bill's fiancée Jan Compton is decapitated in an automobile accident, he manages to keep her brain alive. He now needs to find a new body for his bride-to-be and settles on Doris Powell, a glamor model with a facial disfigurement. Jan meanwhile doesn't want to continue her body-less existence and calls upon the creature hidden in the basement, one of Bill Cortner's unsuccessful experiments, to break loose.

    Tagline: Alive... without a body... fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!

  9. Lost in Space (1998)

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    PG-13 | 2h 10min | 130min | 03 Apr 1998

    Lost in Space 1998
       Score: 4/10

    Director: Stephen Hopkins

    Starring: Gary Oldman, Gary A. Hecker, Jared Harris, William Hurt, Heather Graham

    Synopsis: In the year 2058, the Earth will soon be uninhabitable after the irreversible effects of pollution and global warming! Professor John Robinson, lead scientist of the Jupiter 2 Mission, will lead his family to the habitable planet Alpha Prime to prep it for colonization. The Jupiter 2 is equipped with a hyperdrive that allows faster-than-light travel, which will eventually be employed to evacuate the citizens of Earth. However hypergates must be constructed on Earth and Alpha Prime to provide stable points of departure and arrival. Dr. Zachary Smith is bribed by a terrorist organization to sabotage the mission, and ends…

    Tagline: Danger Will Robinson!

  10. Green Lantern (2011)

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    PG-13 | 1h 54min | 114min | 17 Jun 2011

    Green Lantern 2011
       Score: 4/10

    Director: Martin Campbell

    Starring: Clancy Brown, Douglas M. Griffin, Ryan Reynolds, Lance E. Nichols, Griff Furst

    Synopsis: In a mysterious universe, the Green Lantern Corps, an elite defense force of peace and justice have existed for centuries. Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan acquires superhuman powers when he is chosen by the Ring, the willpower-fed source of power. Reluctantly at first, he takes on the challenge after the death of Abin Sur, the finest Green Lantern. Putting his self-doubts aside, and spurred on by his sense of duty and love for his beautiful, intellectually equal, colleague, Carol Ferris, he is soon called to defend mankind from Parallax, a powerful, evil being who feeds on fear. Hal Jordan is…

    Tagline: One of us... becomes one of them.

  11. The Last Days on Mars (2013)

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    R | 1h 38min | 98min | 19 Sep 2013

    The Last Days on Mars 2013
       Score: 4/10

    Director: Ruairi Robinson

    Starring: Elias Koteas, Liev Schreiber, Paul Warren, Olivia Williams, Goran Kostic

    Synopsis: On the last day of the first manned mission to Mars, a crew member of Tantalus Base believes he's made an historic discovery; fossilised evidence of bacterial life. Unwilling to let the relief crew claim the glory, he disobeys orders to pack up, and goes out on an unauthorised expedition to collect further samples. But a routine excavation turns to disaster, when the porous ground collapses, and he falls into a deep crevice and near certain death. His devastated colleagues attempt to recover his body. However, when another vanishes, they begin to realise; the life-form they've discovered is highly dangerous…

    Tagline: The search for life is about to end.

  12. Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

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    R | 1h 27min | 87min | 29 Oct 2011

    Zombie Apocalypse 2011
       Score: 4/10

    Director: Nick Lyon

    Starring: Kimberly Ables Jindra, Ving Rhames, Gary Weeks, David Cohen, Johnny Pacar

    Synopsis: Three small groups of survivors of a zombie plague join forces to reach the ferry boat to a sanctuary that they are not sure that it does exist in the Catalina Island. Along their journey, they are hunted down by hordes of zombies and only a few of them survive.

    Tagline: Mankind Survived... But Not Alive.

  13. New Alcatraz (2001)

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    R | 1h 36min | 96min

    New Alcatraz 2001
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Phillip J. Roth

    Starring: Dana Ashbrook, Greg Collins, Alex Williams, Marcus Aurelius, Amanda Kiely

    Synopsis: In the highest security prison, located in Antarctica, for the world's deadliest criminals, a mining operation unleashes a giant prehistoric snake with a voracious appetite. It is up to the prison staff, inmates, and two paleontologists to hunt down the beast, escape, or become its prey.

    Tagline: 12,000 feet below the Antarctic ice, it lays in wait.

  14. War of the Worlds (2005)

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    R | 1h 33min | 93min | 28 Jun 2005

    War of the Worlds 2005
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: David Michael Latt

    Starring: Helen Kim, Jake Busey, Thomas Downey, Rhett Giles, Edward DeRuiter

    Synopsis: The story tells of a man named George Herbert who is separated from his wife and child when a Martian invasion begins. He tries to make his way to Washington, D.C. to reunite with them as the world is torn apart. But civilization is laid to ruin when a race of super aliens ultimately invades Earth!

    Tagline: The Invasion Has Already Begun.

  15. Hydra (2009)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 22 Feb 2009

    Hydra 2009
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Andrew Prendergast

    Starring: Michael Shamus Wiles, Ricco Ross, Graham Shiels, Texas Battle, George Stults

    Synopsis: Former Marine Tim Nolan has been kidnapped with three convicts, transported to a deserted island and forced to participate in a deadly game. The super rich pay a fortune to hunt human prey. But the island isn't deserted - it's home to Hydra the Beast!

    Tagline: Prepare to be consumed.

  16. Lake Placid 3 (2010)

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    R | 1h 33min | 93min | 21 Aug 2010

    Lake Placid 3 2010
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Griff Furst

    Starring: Michael Ironside, Atanas Srebrev, Velizar Binev, Kacey Barnfield, Kacey Clarke

    Synopsis: A game warden moves his family to Lake Placid, once the site of deadly crocodile attacks. Locals assure him the crocs are gone, but his mischievous young son finds a few baby crocs and begins feeding them. They quickly grow into very big adults and start attacking the game warden's family and nearby town.

    Tagline: Don't forget you're lunch!

  17. Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 08 May 2010

    Mongolian Death Worm 2010
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Steven R. Monroe

    Starring: Jon Mack, Sean Patrick Flanery, Victoria Pratt, Billy Blair, George Cheung

    Synopsis: When an American oil company sets up an experimental drilling plant out in the vast deserts of Mongolia, they awaken a nest. The deadly creatures begin to breed and spread, devouring everyone in their path. The only person who can stop them is treasure hunter and adventure seeker who spent his life searching for a legendary tomb, fabled to be protected by the Death Worms. He knows he must do what he can to kill the creatures, but stopping these monsters may mean destroying his life's work forever!

  18. Zoombies (2016)

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    R | 1h 27min | 87min

    Zoombies 2016
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Glenn Miller

    Starring: Kaiwi Lyman, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau, Ivan Djurovic, Bryan Sloyer, Jennifer Titus

    Synopsis: When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures before they escape and zombify the whole city.

    Tagline: Uncaged, Undead

  19. Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min

    Deep Blue Sea 2 2018
       Score: 3.99/10

    Director: Darin Scott

    Starring: Michael Beach, Rob Mayes, Darron Meyer, Tamer Burjaq, André Jaques

    Synopsis: A brilliant billionaire named Carl Durant is experimenting on bull sharks, which soon rebel to cause havoc for a group of scientists.

    Tagline: Stronger. Wiser. Deadlier.

  20. Blackenstein (1973)

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    R | 1h 27min | 87min

    Blackenstein 1973
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: William A. Levey

    Starring: John Dennis, Cardella Di Milo, Don Brodie, Marva Farmer, John Hart

    Synopsis: Eddie is a Vietnam veteran who loses his arms and legs when he steps on a land mine, but a brilliant surgeon is able to attach new limbs. Unfortunately an insanely jealous assistant (who has fallen in love with Eddie's fiance) switches Eddie's DNA injections, transforming him into a gigantic killer.

    Tagline: To Stop This Mutha Takes One Bad Brutha

  21. Evil Spawn (1987)

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    R | 1h 10min | 70min | 14 Oct 1989

    Evil Spawn 1987
       Score: 3.97/10

    Directors: Fred Olen Ray, Kenneth J. Hall, Ted Newsom

    Starring: Michael Deak, Forrest J. Ackerman, Melissa Moore, John Carradine, Gary J. Levinson

    Synopsis: Microbes are brought back to earth via a space probe from Venus. A scientist is using them in experiments on aging, but dies before the work is finished. His assistant approaches an aging actress who is being passed by for the lead roles, and she injects the serum hoping to become young again. When the actress is still passed up for the plum roles, the alien bacterium transforms her into a hideous bug-like alien resulting in a predictable attrition problem amongst her detractors.

    Tagline: Tonight she will love again and kill again.

  22. Watchers 4 (1998)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min

    Watchers 4 1998
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: John Carl Buechler

    Starring: Kane Hodder, Larry Cedar, Stephen Macht, Mark Hamill, Lisa Wilcox

    Synopsis: An extra-smart dog and detective team up to stop a DNA enhanced killer.

    Tagline: Driven by instinct...destined for murder.

  23. Kraa! The Sea Monster (1998)

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    PG | 1h 09min | 69min

    Kraa! The Sea Monster 1998
       Score: 3.97/10

    Directors: Dave Parker, Aaron Osborne

    Starring: Alison Lohman, John Paul Fedele, Jeff Rector, Candida Tolentino, Mark Hamilton

    Synopsis: Lord Doom, evil master of Proyas, the Dark Planet, sends Kraa the Sea Monster to Earth as part of his plan to dominate the galaxy. To keep the meddling hands of the Planet Patrol out of his scheme, he incapacitates their nearby space station. Fortunately, the alien agent Mogyar is on hand to land on Earth to stop the giant sea-beast. Accidentally landing in New Jersey rather than Italy (where scientists could have helped Mogyar build a weapon to stop Kraa), Mogyar must overcome his stereotypical Italian accent and strange appearance in order to ally with nearby humans to save…

  24. Centipede! (2004)

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    PG-13 | 1h 33min | 93min

    Centipede! 2004
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Gregory Gieras

    Starring: Rekha, Larry Casey, Margaret Cash, Trevor Murphy, George Foster

    Synopsis: David Stone, his ex-girlfriend, Sara, and six other youth, five men, one with a morbid fear of bugs, and a woman, decide to go to the Shankali, Hyderabad, India to explore an underground cave. At the outskirts of the city, they are met by their tourist guide, Kafi, and taken several miles underground. This is where their trip will turn into an nightmare as an underground quake will block their return path, virtually burying them amongst giant centipedes.

    Tagline: 100 ways to die.

  25. Stag Night of the Dead (2010)

    video player

    R | 1h 21min | 81min | 31 Oct 2010

    Stag Night of the Dead 2010
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Neil Jones

    Starring: Joe Rainbow, Michael McCarthy, Doug Grant, Rez Kempton, Angela Bull

    Synopsis: If the mysterious plague sweeping the nation wasn't bad enough, Dean is still going ahead with his doomed wedding tomorrow morning. That leaves him with a choice. Pick up the button holes and chocolate fountain as instructed by bridezilla Elaine, or go with five mates (and a stripper) to play 'Zomball' at a top secret military compound where you get to shoot zombies with huge stun guns. Disobeying the golden rule of Zomball ('never never humiliate a zombie') the stags face overwhelming odds from the massed undead and each stag is hunted down. The truth about Zomball is finally revealed…

    Tagline: When there's no more room in Hell...you get married

  26. 7 Splinters in Time (2018)

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    R | 1h 15min | 75min

    7 Splinters in Time 2018
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Gabriel Judet-Weinshel

    Starring: Al Sapienza, Lynn Cohen, Edoardo Ballerini, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Lauren Fox

    Synopsis: A detective investigates a murder, only to find that the victim is... himself. Soon, he discovers multiple versions of himself, not all of them friendly.

  27. Curse of the Mayans (2017)

    video player

    R | 1h 28min | 88min

    Curse of the Mayans 2017
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Joaquin Rodriguez

    Starring: Steve Wilcox, Olga Fonda, Carla Ortiz, Bernardo Peña, Juan Pablo Castañeda

    Synopsis: Lead by ambitious American Archaeologist Danielle Noble, a team of expert cave divers embark on an expedition to find the lost Mayan hall of records. Little do they know that instead of finding glory, they will find hell hidden in the underwater caves of Xibalbá.

  28. Muse (2017)

    video player

    R | 1h 35min | 95min | 28 Sep 2018

    Muse 2017
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: John Burr

    Starring: Anthony Ray Parker, Michael Lewis, Jim Mitchell, Keith Brunsmann, Phil Abrams

    Synopsis: A painter's life is forever changed when a mythical and deadly spirit from Celtic lore -- a Leannán Sí -- becomes his muse and lover.

    Tagline: True inspiration comes with a price.

  29. Roboshark (2015)

    video player

    R | 1h 27min | 87min | 23 Jul 2015

    Roboshark 2015
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Jeffery Scott Lando

    Starring: Atanas Srebrev, Vlado Mihailov, Kitodar Todorov, Anton Trendafilov, Matt Rippy

    Synopsis: An alien ship comes into earth orbit to drop a probe . The probe lands in the ocean only to be eaten by a Great White. Soon he turns into RoboShark much to the dismay of a Nuclear Sub in the area. Once finished he heads to Portland , (reality is Seattle) where he is already being tweeted of his actions , while RoboShark's actions are being followed by a news crew , while the daughter of the reporter he follows is the very same daughters whose tweet he is following. Now the US NAVY is after RoboShark while he…

  30. Triassic World (2018)

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    R | 1h 29min | 89min | 19 Jun 2018

    Triassic World 2018
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Dylan Vox

    Starring: Shellie Sterling, Jermain Hollman, Brendan Petrizzo, Camillo Faieta, Damon Johnson

    Synopsis: Dinosaurs are being used to grow human organs for transplants. But the scientists that created them have to fight back when the creatures escape.

  31. Hover (2018)

    video player

    R | 1h 26min | 86min

    Hover 2018
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: Matt Osterman

    Starring: David Jensen, Beth Grant, Fabianne Therese, Rhoda Griffis, Cleopatra Coleman

    Synopsis: HOVER takes place in the near future, where environmental strain has caused food shortages around the world. Technology provides a narrow path forward, with agricultural drones maximizing the yield from what land remains. Two compassionate care providers, Claudia (Coleman) and her mentor John (Craig muMs Grant), work to assist sick farmland inhabitants in ending their lives. After John dies under mysterious circumstances, a group of locals helps Claudia to uncover a deadly connection between the health of her clients and the technology they are using.

    Tagline: Fear what flies.

  32. Jupiter Ascending (2015)

    video player

    PG-13 | 2h 07min | 127min | 06 Feb 2015

    Jupiter Ascending 2015
       Score: 3.97/10

    Directors: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, Andy Wachowski

    Starring: Raiden Integra, Spencer Wilding, Sean Bean, Edd Osmond, Clem So

    Synopsis: Jupiter Jones was born under a night sky, with signs predicting that she was destined for great things. Now grown, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the cold reality of a job cleaning other people's houses and an endless run of bad breaks. Only when Caine Wise, a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down does Jupiter begin to glimpse the fate that has been waiting for her all along - her genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

    Tagline: Expand your universe.

  33. Bright (2017)

    video player

    R | 1h 57min | 117min | 22 Dec 2017

    Bright 2017
       Score: 3.97/10

    Director: David Ayer

    Starring: Will Smith, Jay Hernandez, Joel Edgerton, Alex Meraz, Chris Browning

    Synopsis: In Los Angeles, humans live with orcs and elves in a world where fantasy creatures do exist. LAPD police officer Dayl Ward is the first human cop having the orc police officer Nick Jakoby as a partner. When Ward is shot by an orc and Jakoby does not capture the shooter, he questions whether Jakoby lets the fellow orc escape. During a patrol, Ward and Jakoby arrest a man that tells that there is a prophecy and Ward is blessed. Meanwhile, Internal Affairs press Ward to find the truth about the escape of the shooter so that they can fire…

  34. Monsters: Dark Continent (2014)

    video player

    R | 1h 59min | 119min | 17 Apr 2015

    Monsters: Dark Continent 2014
       Score: 3.96/10

    Director: Tom Green

    Starring: Jeff Hill, Sofia Boutella, Parker Sawyers, Jesse Nagy, Lulu Dahl

    Synopsis: Ten years on from the events of "Monsters", and the 'Infected Zones' have now spread worldwide. In the Middle East a new insurgency has begun. At the same time there has also been a proliferation of Monsters in that region.

    Tagline: Fear has evolved

  35. The Happening (2008)

    video player

    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 13 Jun 2008

    The Happening 2008
       Score: 3.96/10

    Director: M. Night Shyamalan

    Starring: Frank Collison, Kerry O'Malley, M. Night Shyamalan, Mark Wahlberg, Vincent Riviezzo

    Synopsis: Elliot Moore is a high school science teacher who quizzes his class one day about an article in the New York Times. It's about the sudden, mysterious disappearance of bees. Yet again Nature is doing something inexplicable, and whatever science has to say about it will be, in the end, only a theory. Scientists will bring out more theories, but no explanations, when a more urgent dilemma hits the planet. It begins in Central Park. Suddenly and inexplicably, the behavior of everyone in the park changes in a most bizarre and horrible way. Soon, the strange behavior spreads throughout the…

    Tagline: We've Sensed It. We've Seen The Signs. Now... It's Happening.

  36. The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

    video player

    PG-13 | 1h 36min | 96min | 23 Aug 1996

    The Island of Dr. Moreau 1996
       Score: 3.96/10

    Directors: Richard Stanley, John Frankenheimer

    Starring: Frank Welker, Ron Perlman, William Hootkins, David Thewlis, Richard Stanley

    Synopsis: Set in the year 2010, Dr. Moreau has successfully combined human and animal DNA to make a crossbreed animal. Well, as usual, something goes wrong and David Thewlis must try to stop it before it is too late. Originally rated R, but cut by Frankenheimer to allow "a wider audience".

    Tagline: On the sixth day, God created man. On the seventh day, He rested. And on the eighth...

  37. Warning Sign (1985)

    video player

    R | 1h 39min | 99min | 23 Aug 1985

    Warning Sign 1985
       Score: 3.95/10

    Director: Hal Barwood

    Starring: Jeffrey DeMunn, Tom McFadden, Kathleen Quinlan, Yaphet Kotto, Scott Paulin

    Synopsis: In an ultra secret laboratory for the developing of biological weapons, covered as "Biotek", a research center for agriculture, a serious accident occurs, spreading a sinister bacteria in the laboratory. The security guard of the complex, closes and seals the building, with all the personnel inside, making very difficult the struggle for survival, not to mention the actions that the relatives of the enclosed people are thinking to do.

    Tagline: A secret experiment has gone wild - and they're all going to pay! (Video Australia)

  38. The Hive (2008)

    video player

    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 17 Feb 2008

    The Hive 2008
       Score: 3.95/10

    Director: Peter Manus

    Starring: Matthew Boylan, Kal Weber, Elizabeth Healey, Mark Ramsey, Tom Wopat

    Synopsis: When the residents of the Bao Tao Island are attacked by ants, the government hires the Thorax Company to work with the army to exterminate the ants. The scientist Len and his friend Bill are attacked by a swarm and lose communication with Debs that is recording from the base. One ant enters into Bill's ear and reaches his brain, affecting his behavior. The scientist Claire arrives in the island and team-up with Len, and soon they discover that the ants can communicate and they want the island for them.

    Tagline: Death is Their Picnic

  39. Redcon-1 (2018)

    video player

    R | 1h 55min | 115min

    Redcon-1 2018
       Score: 3.95/10

    Director: Chee Keong Cheung

    Starring: John Stewart, Bentley Kalu, Mark Strange, Richard Douglas, Michael Sheehan

    Synopsis: After a deadly viral outbreak, an elite squad of special forces soldiers must infiltrate a quarantine zone to rescue a scientist who holds the only cure to save mankind.

    Tagline: War Has Just Evolved.

  40. Killers from Space (1954)

    video player

    G | 1h 11min | 71min | 23 Jan 1954

    Killers from Space 1954
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: W. Lee Wilder

    Starring: Peter Graves, Ron Gans, Coleman Francis, James Seay, Steve Pendleton

    Synopsis: Atomic scientist/pilot Doug Martin is missing after his plane crashes on an reconnaissance mission after a nuclear test. Miraculously appearing unhurt at the base later, he is given sodium amethol, but authorities are skeptical of his story that he was captured by aliens determined to conquer the Earth with giant monsters and insects. Martin vows to use existing technology to destroy them.

    Tagline: Earth attacked!

  41. Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971)

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    G | 1h 31min | 91min

    Dracula vs. Frankenstein 1971
       Score: 3.94/10

    Directors: Al Adamson, Samuel M. Sherman

    Starring: Forrest J. Ackerman, Angelo Rossitto, Lon Chaney Jr., John Bloom, Anne Morrell

    Synopsis: Judith Fontaine (Regina Carrol) is looking for her sister Joanie, who has disappeared into the hippie community of Venice, California. It turns out Joanie has become the victim of Groton (Lon Chaney Jr.), an axe-wielding homicidal maniac working for Dr. Durray (J. Carrol Naish), who is really the last of the Frankensteins and is now running a house of horrors by the beach and is performing experiments on Gorton's victims. One night Count Dracula (Zandor Vorkov) visits the doctor, showing him the original Frankenstein creation that was buried in a nearby graveyard. The doctor revives it and uses it to…

    Tagline: New! Different! Shocking!

  42. Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005)

    video player

    R | 1h 26min | 86min | 31 Aug 2006

    Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave 2005
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: Ellory Elkayem

    Starring: Cory Hardrict, Sandu Mihai Gruia, Ionut Grama, Peter Coyote, Maria Dinulescu

    Synopsis: While illegally selling one canister of Trioxyin-5, Charlie Garrison is murdered by a zombie. His nephew Julian Garrison finds two canisters hidden in the attic of his house with his girlfriend Jenny and they ask their friend Cody to analyze and research the chemical product. Cody finds that the composition of the product is very similar to ecstasy and he processes the chemical, making a large quantity of a drug that he called "Z" to make money. Using the services of the local drug dealer, they sell "Z" in the college campus. In the Halloween, the DJ and Jenny's brother…

    Tagline: Dance 'Til You Drop... Dead.

  43. Bloodmonkey (2007)

    video player

    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 27 Jan 2008

    Bloodmonkey 2007
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: Robert Young

    Starring: F. Murray Abraham, Matt Ryan, Sebastian Armesto, Amy Manson, Matt Reeves

    Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: Experience the dark side of nature.

  44. Against the Dark (2009)

    video player

    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 10 Feb 2009

    Against the Dark 2009
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: Richard Crudo

    Starring: Keith David, Tanoai Reed, Linden Ashby, Alin Olteanu, Dan Chiriac

    Synopsis: When most of the population of Earth is infected with a virus and transformed into flesh eaters and blood drinking creatures, a group of hunters led by Tao chases the vampire zombies to eliminate them. Six non-infected survivors try to find the exit of an abandoned hospital crowded with the infected creatures, and Tao and his group help them. Meanwhile, the military command is ready to bomb the area and wipe it from the map.

    Tagline: He lives by the sword. They will die by it.

  45. Dinoshark (2010)

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    R | 1h 32min | 92min | 13 Mar 2010

    Dinoshark 2010
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: Kevin O'Neill

    Starring: Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Roger Corman, Eric Balfour, Victor Cruz, Ethan O'Neill

    Synopsis: A baby dinoshark evolves into a ferocious predatory adult, terrorising tourists and locals offshore from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

    Tagline: Fear what's just below the surface

  46. Io (2019)

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    R | 1h 36min | 96min | 18 Jan 2019

    Io 2019
       Score: 3.93/10

    Director: Jonathan Helpert

    Starring: Anthony Mackie, Danny Huston, Margaret Qualley, Tom Payne, Emma Fitzgerald

    Synopsis: Sam (Margaret Qualley), one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth, is a young scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their world. But with the final shuttle scheduled to leave the planet for a distant colony, her determination to stay is rocked by the arrival of another survivor, Micah (Anthony Mackie). She must decide whether to journey with him to join the rest of humanity and begin life anew, or stay to fight for Earth's survival.

    Tagline: In the Near Future, we must save Earth or leave it.

  47. Deadly Eyes (1982)

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    R | 1h 27min | 87min | 01 Apr 1983

    Deadly Eyes 1982
       Score: 3.91/10

    Director: Robert Clouse

    Starring: Michael Hogan, David Hughes, Scatman Crothers, Roger Dunn, Charles Jolliffe

    Synopsis: Corn grain contaminated with steroids produces large rats the size of small dogs who begin feeding on the residents of Toronto. Paul, a college basketball coach, teams up with Kelly, a local health inspector, to uncover the source of the mysterious rat attacks and they eventually try to prevent the opening of a new subway line as well as find the mutant rats nest quickly, or there will be a huge massacre of the entire city!

    Tagline: Tonight they will rise from the darkness beneath the city... to feed!

  48. The Visitants (1986)

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    R | 1h 32min | 92min

    The Visitants 1986
       Score: 3.91/10

    Director: Rick Sloane

    Starring: Kelley Palmer, Jeffrey Culver, David Teague, Dyanne DiRosario, K.C. Durkin

    Synopsis: Aliens chase a teenager who stole one of their ray guns.

    Tagline: There Goes the Neighborhood!

  49. Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman (2013)

    video player


    Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman 2013
       Score: 3.91/10

    Director: David Palmieri

    Starring: Robert Rhine, Dennis Devine, Jeffrey Johnson, Richard Calderon, Nina Kate

    Synopsis: A woman takes revenge with her pet snake.

    Tagline: She will slither into your soul

  50. Ghost Source Zero (2017)

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    R | 1h 35min | 95min

    Ghost Source Zero 2017
       Score: 3.91/10

    Director: Mark Cheng

    Starring: Chris Dyer, Jae Greene, Lawrence J Murphy, Deychen Volino-Gyetsa, William Lex Ham

    Synopsis: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is happening, and America is watching it on their Living Wall flat screens and Genius Phones. Homeland Security's Cyber Crime Division is the only thing trying to stop the 'bots and 'borgs from taking over.

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