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  • Alientampon (2015)


    G | 0h 03min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Short

    Published Sat., January 06, 2018

  • Alientampon (2015) Release Dates

  • In Theaters: March 04, 2016

Alientampon (2015) Plot & Synopsis


Starring Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann, Bejo Dohmen, Gerhard Fehn, Simon Gosejohann

Directed by Jan Zenkner

Alientampon (2015) is directed by Jan Zenkner and has a weird poster, but funny. The tagline reads “Some Things are better left Unused.” The tagline refers to the plot revolving around the outcome after a stupid student uses a nasty tampon and becomes mutated. Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann, and Bejo Dohmen stars in Alientampon.


Synopsis: A UFO breaks through the earth's atmosphere and falls to the ground. A huge number of police officers and military units are actuated for eliminating the alien threat. A fierce battle against a superior power starts, through forests and cities. Aliens are shot, blood flows, people die. Away from this global problem Jessica, Nicole, Marie and Denise together with Carmen attend college. The girls have been arguing repeatedly, which culminates in a broil. Carmen drops her handbag in the turmoil, the contents of which are scattered over the stained asphalt. A tampon lands in a puddle of alien blood. Carmen, humiliated once again, starts crying heavily and inserts the tampon, not noticing the green shimmer. The alien blood is contagious: she mutates and becomes a monster immediately, developing a vicious hunger for rioting, throwing plasma lightning and killing. Among the numerous victims is also Denise. A cop duo, Wolf and Becker, is sent to investigate into the mysterious murders. Meanwhile, a dodgy scientist, Professor Jackson, learns of Carmen's power and plans to use her for his own purposes while the homeless Bernd begins fighting his own battle against Carmen. Carmen's strength grows. She "recruits" a fellowship - by a tentacle that shoots out of her mouth and thus infects others with the alien virus. Amongst her army is also the extroverted nurse Rita. Marie, Nicole and Jessica, with the support of their friends Tom, Chris and Boris, and Jessica's grandfather, declare war on Carmen, Rita and their alien allegiance. The clique sets off and battle with a vengeance against the superior power - with the goal to kill Carmen. Here, the paths of her different hunters cross: Bernd joins Chris and Tom while Jackson competes with Wolf and Becker. And at the heart of the chaos - a bloodstained, fluorescent tampon. An alientampon.

Tagline: Some things are better left unused.

Storyline: When an unsuspecting student inserts a blood soaked alientampon and mutates into a murdering monster, a group of students unite their forces in order to confront her with weapons and courage.

  • Alientampon (2015) Movie Details

  • Directors: Jan Zenkner
  • Writers: Hanno von Contzen, Jan Zenkner
  • Cast: Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann, Bejo Dohmen, Gerhard Fehn, Simon Gosejohann, Michael Jassin, Kathryn Julyana, Caroline Klütsch, Chachrist Kmongklad, Acerina Kox-Zambrano, Roland Sapper, Sarah Ulrich, Daniel Wiemer, Isabel Wiertz, Caroline Klütsch
  • Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Short
  • Producers: Christian De Boitte, Britta Lais, Max Lais, Christian von Contzen, Hanno von Contzen, Jan Zenkner
  • Cinematographers: Max Lais
  • Editors: Hanno von Contzen, Jan Zenkner
  • Runtime: 3 min / 0h 03min
  • Year: 2015
  • MPAA Rating: G
  • Oscars: 0
  • Awards: 0
  • Nominations: 0
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