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  • Carriers (2009)


    PG-13 | 1h 24min | Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi

    Published Sat., January 06, 2018

  • Carriers (2009) Release Dates

  • In Theaters: March 04, 2016
  • DVD: May 01, 2016

Carriers (2009) Plot & Synopsis


Starring Dylan Kenin, Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Christopher Meloni, Brighid Fleming

Directed by David Pastor, Àlex Pastor, Àlex Pastor

Piper Perabo, Chris Pine, Emily VanCamp, and Josh Berry star in this apocalyptic tale of a viral pandemic that sweeps across the United States, and four fleeing friends who discover that they are far more dangerous to one another than any airborne pathogen.

Synopsis: In a world devastated by an outbreak, Brian, his girlfriend Bobby, his brother Danny and their friend, Kate, are heading to a beach where the brothers spent their childhood vacations expecting it to be a sanctuary. When their car breaks down on the road in the desert, they negotiate with a man called Frank, who is also stranded but without gas. He is trying to get his daughter Jodie to the hospital (she is infected with a disease of some kind), they all decide to travel together. During the journey, massive moral dilemmas arise, as events head into a downward spiral.

Tagline: The rules are simple. You break them, you die...

Storyline: Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus.

  • Carriers (2009) Movie Details

  • Directors: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor, Àlex Pastor
  • Writers: Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
  • Cast: Dylan Kenin, Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Christopher Meloni, Brighid Fleming, Emily VanCamp, Mark Moses, Piper Perabo, Tim D. Janis, Kiernan Shipka, Ron McClary, Josh Berry, Tim Janis, Dale Malley, LeAnne Lynch, Jan Cunningham, Mary Peterson, Sequoyah Adams-Rice
  • Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Producers: Ray Angelic, Stefanie Azpiazu, Anthony Bregman, Robert Velo, Michael R. Williams
  • Musicians: Peter Nashel
  • Cinematographers: Benoît Debie
  • Editors: Craig McKay
  • Our Score: 7/10 by Michael A.
  • Average Rating: 6.55/10 of 38,883 Votes!
  • Runtime: 84 min / 1h 24min
  • Year: 2009
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13
  • Oscars: 0
  • Awards: 0
  • Nominations: 0
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