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  • Ringu (1998)


    R | 1h 36min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery

    Published Sat., January 06, 2018

  • Ringu (1998) Release Dates

  • In Theaters: March 04, 2016
  • DVD: May 01, 2016

Ringu (1998) Plot & Synopsis


Starring Hiroyuki Sanada, Yûrei Yanagi, Yutaka Matsushige, Kiriko Shimizu, Kazuhiro Yokoyama

Directed by Hideo Nakata

Synopsis: Ruthlessly murdered by her father, the ghost of a seer's daughter kills all those seven days after they watch the strange contents of a mysterious video tape, unless the viewer finds the escape clause.

Tagline: Will scare the hell out of you!

Synopsis: Reiko Asakawa is researching into a 'Cursed Video' interviewing teenagers about it. When her niece Tomoko dies of 'sudden heart failure' with an unnaturally horrified expression on her face, Reiko investigates. She finds out that some of Tomoko's friends, who had been on a holiday with Tomoko the week before, had died on exactly the same night at the exact same time in the exact same way. Reiko goes to the cabin where the teens had stayed and finds an 'unlabeled' video tape. Reiko watched the tape to discover to her horror it is in fact the 'cursed videotape'. Ex-Husband Ryuji helps Reiko solve the mystery, Reiko makes him a copy for further investigation. Things become more tense when their son Yoichi watches the tape saying Tomoko had told him to. Their discovery takes them to a volcanic island where they discover that the video has a connection to a psychic who died 30 years ago, and her child Sadako...

Tagline: Will scare the hell out of you!

Storyline: A reporter and her ex-husband investigate a cursed video tape that is rumored to kill the viewer seven days after watching it.

  • Ringu (1998) Movie Details

  • Directors: Hideo Nakata
  • Writers: Hiroshi Takahashi, Kôji Suzuki
  • Cast: Hiroyuki Sanada, Yûrei Yanagi, Yutaka Matsushige, Kiriko Shimizu, Kazuhiro Yokoyama, Yûrei Yanagi, Yûki Takahata, Rikiya Ôtaka, Shigefumi Nakai, Mutsuko Ôshima, Yôichi Numata, Yôko Ohshima, Yûki Takahata, Rie Ino'o, Makoto Kakeda, Mutsuko Ôshima, Hiroyuki Tanabe, Taku Kobayashi, Miwako Kaji, Hiromi Murata, Yôko Honma, Mizuho Kinoshita, Asami Nagata, Toshinori Yoshino, Mantarô Koichi, Yukiko Shimodaira, Asami Ishikawa, Daisuke Ban, Keiko Yoshida, Yûko Takeuchi
  • Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery
  • Producers: Masato Hara, Takashige Ichise, Makoto Ishihara, Tatsuya Isomura, Shin'ya Kawai, Takenori Sentô
  • Musicians: Kenji Kawai
  • Cinematographers: Jun'ichirô Hayashi
  • Editors: Nobuyuki Takahashi
  • Runtime: 96 min / 1h 36min
  • Year: 1998
  • MPAA Rating: R
  • Oscars: 0
  • Awards: 6
  • Nominations: 0
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