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  1. K-PAX (2001)

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    PG-13 | 2h 00min | 120min | 26 Oct 2001

    K-PAX 2001
       Score: 5.47/10

    Director: Iain Softley

    Starring: Lance E. Nichols, Frank Collison, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Greg Lewis, Jeff Bridges

    Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: Is he crazy?...or is he light years ahead of us?

  2. Kansen (2004)

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    R | 1h 38min | 98min | 02 Oct 2004

    Kansen 2004
       Score: 5.25/10

    Director: Masayuki Ochiai

    Starring: Yôko Maki, Moro Morooka, Shirô Sano, Isao Yatsu, Morooka Moro

    Synopsis: In a general hospital near bankruptcy, the reduced staff is working under a severe stress. During the emergency attendance to a burned patient with Dr. Uozumi (Masanobu Takashima) and two other nurses, Dr. Akiba (Kôichi Satô) and the nurse commit an error, injecting potassium chloride and killing him. Dr. Uozumi convinces the team to forge the report to save their careers. Meanwhile, an ambulance leaves a patient in the emergency with a lethal infection. When the muscles and internal organs of the patient liquefy, Dr. Kiyoshi Akai (Shirô Sano) convinces his two colleagues to examine and research the virus, leading…

    Tagline: Death is just a breath away.

  3. Karas: The Prophecy (2005)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 25 Apr 2006

    Karas: The Prophecy 2005
       Score: 5.65/10

    Directors: Kei'ichi Sato, Hiroshi Yamazaki, Akira Takada

    Starring: Lex Lang, Matthew Lillard, Michael McConnohie, Jay Hernandez, Doug Stone

    Synopsis: In a Japanese city haunted by nature spirits and demons, a secret war is raging between the renegade demon Eko and a spectral warrior known as the Karas. Eko has mechanized himself and his followers to defend against the unearthly fury of the Karas; in addition to an armored humanoid form, the Karas can transform into any of various heavily armed and armored vehicles. Eko and his followers prefer to live in the material realm in human form, but to continue doing so they must feed on the fluids of human bodies. Their periodic feasts result in massacres that leave…

    Tagline: Like Batman Begins, with a Samurai Sword.

  4. Kaw (2007)

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    R | 1h 25min | 85min

    Kaw 2007
       Score: 4.44/10

    Director: Sheldon Wilson

    Starring: Stephen McHattie, David Gardner, Megan Park, Amanda Brugel, Sean Patrick Flanery

    Synopsis: On the last working day of Sheriff Wayne, his small town is attacked by blood thirsty ravens that eat human flesh. Meanwhile his wife Cynthia visits a farm where a Mennonite family lives to say farewell to her friend Gretchen and discloses a dark secret about the origin of the fierce ravens.

    Tagline: Don't Look Up

  5. Kill Command (2016)

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    R | 1h 39min | 99min | 25 Nov 2016

    Kill Command 2016
       Score: 6.35/10

    Director: Steven Gomez

    Starring: Bentley Kalu, Tim Ahern, Deborah Rosan, Thure Lindhardt, Mike Noble

    Synopsis: Set in a near future, technology-reliant society is creating killing machines. Against this backdrop an elite Marine unit is helicoptered in to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility, to test the capabilities of the latest prototypes. They set up positions and make short work of the AI targets in the killing field. However, overnight their sentry goes missing, and when they find the corpse the next day they find themselves in the killing field and the tables have turned. The Marines fight to survive on an island that is overrun by an enemy intelligence far beyond their predecessors, which learns…

    Tagline: You can't fight the future.

  6. Kill Order (2017)

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    R | 1h 17min | 77min | 06 Feb 2018

    Kill Order 2017
       Score: 4.49/10

    Director: James Mark

    Starring: Denis Akiyama, Eric Daniel, Eli Martyr, Chris Mark, Alain Moussi

    Synopsis: When David, a troubled high school student who appears to suffer from mental illness, finds himself in a situation where he is about to be taken captive for reasons unknown, a dark power takes over his body opening the doors to a world of superhuman abilities and a past kept secret.

    Tagline: He has no name. Only purpose.

  7. Kill Switch (2017)

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    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 16 Jun 2017

    Kill Switch 2017
       Score: 2.97/10

    Director: Tim Smit

    Starring: Dan Stevens, Charity Wakefield, Tygo Gernandt, Bérénice Marlohe, Mike Reus

    Synopsis: A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.

  8. Kill Them and Eat Them (2003)

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    R | 1h 20min | 80min

    Kill Them and Eat Them 2003
       Score: 3.86/10

    Director: Conall Pendergast

    Starring: Sandy MacDonald, Richard Archer, Francoise Snobel, Will van der Zyl, Lloyd Cameron

    Synopsis: Deep below the city streets, the sinister Doctor Gore kidnaps innocent victims and transforms them into cannibalistic beasts, turning soft flesh into hideous mutant skin as the kill-crazed creatures he creates prepare for a blood-soaked rampage! Kellin, his beautiful prisoner, is slowly succumbing to a disease that will transform her from young girl into monstrous murdering beast, while the doctor's assistant has plans of his own. The seething emotions and crazed, criss-crossed lusts barrel towards the boiling point, culminating in a flaming inferno of fright as the doctor's creations, the undead Skeletoids, indulge their sensuous, sinful urges for the soft,…

    Tagline: Pray you're just an appetizer

  9. Killer Fish (1979)

    PG | 1h 41min | 101min | 07 Dec 1979

    Killer Fish 1979
       Score: 4.3/10

    Director: Antonio Margheriti

    Starring: Roy Brocksmith, Karen Black, Frank Pesce, Gary Collins, Anthony Steffen

    Synopsis: Jewel thieves attempt to recover treasure from piranha infested waters. Mistrust and betrayals happen amongst the gang in the quest for gold.

  10. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

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    PG-13 | 1h 28min | 88min | 27 May 1988

    Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1988
       Score: 6.52/10

    Director: Stephen Chiodo

    Starring: Royal Dano, Harrod Blank, Johnny Martin, John Vernon, Suzanne Snyder

    Synopsis: When a small town is invaded by aliens from outer space who are capturing and killing the townspeople, no one takes them seriously. Why? The aliens all look like circus clowns, use weapons that look clown like, and all have painted on smiles. Only a few of the young people in the town realize the danger and of course no one believes them. Armed with an ice cream truck they try and rescue their friends.

    Tagline: It's Craaazy!

  11. Killer Tomatoes Eat France! (1992)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min

    Killer Tomatoes Eat France! 1992
       Score: 4.08/10

    Director: John De Bello

    Starring: John Astin, Paul L. Nolan, John De Bello, Andrew P. Jones, Marc Price

    Synopsis: After being busted out of jail by his tomatoes, Professor Mortimer Gangrene begins a new plot to take over the world by inserting his hapless lackey Igor into the throne of the King of France.

    Tagline: You'll never go veg again!

  12. Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! (1991)

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    R | 1h 27min | 87min

    Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! 1991
       Score: 4.03/10

    Director: John De Bello

    Starring: John Astin, John Witherspoon, Frank Davis, John De Bello, 'Squeeze' Del Monte

    Synopsis: Police assitant Boyle along with tomatologist Kennedi Johnson look into investigations about Killer Tomato attacks, and discover Gangrene plans to brainwash people via TV talk shows to take over the world! Will Gangrene be stopped? Will Johnson become part of a Bacon, Lettuce and Human sandwich?

    Tagline: When good vegetables go bad!

  13. Killers from Space (1954)

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    G | 1h 11min | 71min | 23 Jan 1954

    Killers from Space 1954
       Score: 3.94/10

    Director: W. Lee Wilder

    Starring: Peter Graves, Ron Gans, Coleman Francis, James Seay, Steve Pendleton

    Synopsis: Atomic scientist/pilot Doug Martin is missing after his plane crashes on an reconnaissance mission after a nuclear test. Miraculously appearing unhurt at the base later, he is given sodium amethol, but authorities are skeptical of his story that he was captured by aliens determined to conquer the Earth with giant monsters and insects. Martin vows to use existing technology to destroy them.

    Tagline: Earth attacked!

  14. Kin (2018)

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    PG-13 | 1h 42min | 102min | 31 Aug 2018

    Kin 2018
       Score: 4.17/10

    Directors: Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker

    Starring: James Franco, Dennis Quaid, Zoë Kravitz, Jonathan Cherry, Carson Manning

    Synopsis: Co-directors Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker's Sci-Fi action thriller features James Franco, Zoe Kravitz, and Dennis Quaid. A young boy (Myles Truitt) finds a powerful otherworldly weapon, which he uses to save his older adoptive brother (Jack Reynor) from a crew of thugs. Before long, the two of them are also pursued by federal agents and mysterious mercenaries aiming to reclaim their asset.

    Tagline: All he needed was a way out.

  15. King Cobra (1999)

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    PG-13 | 1h 33min | 93min | 29 Apr 1999

    King Cobra 1999
       Score: 3.85/10

    Directors: David Hillenbrand, Scott Hillenbrand

    Starring: Courtney Gains, Hoyt Axton, Joseph Ruskin, Judith Montgomery, Lang Yun

    Synopsis: When a team of scientists led by Dr. Irwin Burns test an experimental drug that increases aggression in animals and humans, their biochemical lab explodes and a mutated nightmare escapes. Half African King Cobra and half Eastern Diamondback, Seth is pure evil. He's 30 feet long with a giant appetite for terror.

    Tagline: Don't mess with mother nature!

  16. King Dinosaur (1955)

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    R | 1h 03min | 63min | 17 Jun 1955

    King Dinosaur 1955
       Score: 3.36/10

    Director: Bert I. Gordon

    Starring: Marvin Miller, William Bryant, Wanda Curtis, Douglas Henderson, Patti Gallagher

    Synopsis: Blasting off to a newly discovered planet called Nova, which moved into our solar system, four explorers behold a fantastic adventure. The mysterious new planet has similar characteristics of Earth, except it is home to terrifying monsters like giant snakes, giant ants, mutated alligators, and most terrifying of all, King Dinosaur, a strange lizard-like being that is a fatal threat to the explorers. Can these people survive this planet and escape?

    Tagline: NEVER A THRILL LIKE THIS! (original print ad - all caps)

  17. King Kong (1933)

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    R | 1h 40min | 100min | 07 Apr 1933

    King Kong 1933
       Score: 8.94/10

    Directors: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack

    Starring: Victor Wong, Tom Quinn, John Collins, Reginald Barlow, Floyd Shackelford

    Synopsis: Carl Denham needs to finish his movie and has the perfect location; Skull Island. But he still needs to find a leading lady. This 'soon-to-be-unfortunate' soul is Ann Darrow. No one knows what they will encounter on this island and why it is so mysterious, but once they reach it, they will soon find out. Living on this hidden island is a giant gorilla and this beast now has Ann in it's grasps. Carl and Ann's new love, Jack Driscoll must travel through the jungle looking for Kong and Ann, whilst avoiding all sorts of creatures and beasts.

    Tagline: A Monster of Creation's Dawn Breaks Loose in Our World Today!

  18. King Kong Escapes (1967)

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    G | 1h 44min | 104min | 19 Jun 1968

    King Kong Escapes 1967
       Score: 5.02/10

    Director: Ishirô Honda

    Starring: Linda Miller, David de Keyser, Akira Takarada, Andrew Hughes, Paul Frees

    Synopsis: When a mechanical replica of King Kong is unable to dig for the highly radioactive Element X at the North Pole, the evil Doctor Who and his sponsor Madame Piranha (Madame X in the American release) decide to kidnap the real Kong. As an insurance policy they kidnap Lt. Susan Miller as well as her boyfriend Lt. CommanderJiro Nomura and Cmdr. Carl Nelson (Kong developed a crush on Susan when she Nomura and Nelson visited the Kong at his home on Mondo Island). Kong later escapes and heads for Tokyo. Susan and the others also escape. Who and his minions…

    Tagline: Two King Kongs Fight to the Death!

  19. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

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    R | 1h 37min | 97min | 26 Jun 1963

    King Kong vs. Godzilla 1962
       Score: 5.1/10

    Director: Ishirô Honda

    Starring: Yasuzô Ogawa, Akihiko Hirata, Kenji Sahara, Robert Dunham, Hideo Shibuya

    Synopsis: Mr. Tako, the chairman of a pharmaceutical company, learns the roma tomato-sized berries that grow on Farou Island are a miracle cure, and that the natives worship a god called King Kong who has allegedly grown to giant size from eating the berries. What better way to promote the product, Tako figures, than to bring the creature back to Japan? He leads an expedition with Sakurai and Furue to get the berries and the monster. Meanwhile, some American pilots discover the chunk of the glacier Godzilla was sealed in back in 1955. Sakurai's sister's boyfriend Kazuo is busy trying to…

    Tagline: The motion picture screen beckons you to adventure that thrills the emotions with shock and terror!

  20. Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

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    PG | 1h 37min | 97min

    Kingdom of the Spiders 1977
       Score: 5.15/10

    Director: John 'Bud' Cardos

    Starring: William Shatner, Natasha Ryan, Adele Malis-Morey, Anita Merritt, Nadia Caillou

    Synopsis: Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen discovers that his town lies in the path of hoards of migrating tarantulas. Before he can take action, the streets are overrun by killer spiders, trapping a small group of towns folk in a remote hotel.

    Tagline: A new species of horror is born.

  21. Knowing (2009)

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    PG-13 | 2h 01min | 121min | 20 Mar 2009

    Knowing 2009
       Score: 5.05/10

    Director: Alex Proyas

    Starring: Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Ted Maynard, Liam Hemsworth, Marc Lawrence

    Synopsis: In the fall of 1959, for a time capsule, students draw pictures of life as they imagine it will be in 50 years. Lucinda, an odd child who hears voices, swiftly writes a long string of numbers. In 2009, the capsule is opened; student Caleb Koestler gets Lucinda's "drawing" and his father John, an astrophysicist and grieving widower, takes a look. He discovers dates of disasters over the past 50 years with the number who died. Three dates remain, all coming soon. He investigates, learns of Lucinda, and looks for her family. He fears for his son, who's started to…

    Tagline: Knowing is Everything...

  22. Komodo (1999)

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    PG-13 | 1h 30min | 90min | 04 May 2000

    Komodo 1999
       Score: 4.35/10

    Director: Michael Lantieri

    Starring: Billy Burke, Kevin Zegers, Bruce Hughes, Jill Hennessy, Melissa Jaffer

    Synopsis: During the 70's, some Komodo Dragon eggs were dumped on the beach of a North Carolina island. Somehow, the baby Komodos survived, and twenty years later they have grown up and taken over the island for themselves. Young Patrick has lost his parents and his dog to the lizards, but didn't see them himself, which has left him traumatized. Now, with his therapist Victoria, who doesn't believe the Dragons are real, he is returning to the island to confront his fears. Soon people are being chomped, and Patrick and Victoria must fight for their lives if they ever hope to…

    Tagline: On Emerald Island, you are at the bottom of the food chain.

  23. Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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    PG-13 | 1h 58min | 118min | 10 Mar 2017

    Kong: Skull Island 2017
       Score: 7.55/10

    Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

    Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony J Sacco, Terry Notary, John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston

    Synopsis: A washed up monster chaser convinces the U.S. Government to fund a trip to an unexplored island in the South Pacific. Under the guise of geological research, the team travels to "Skull Island". Upon arrival, the group discover that their mission may be complicated by the wildlife which inhabits the island. The beautiful vistas and deadly creatures create a visually stunning experience that is sure to keep your attention.

    Tagline: Awaken the King

  24. Kraa! The Sea Monster (1998)

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    PG | 1h 09min | 69min

    Kraa! The Sea Monster 1998
       Score: 3.97/10

    Directors: Dave Parker, Aaron Osborne

    Starring: Alison Lohman, John Paul Fedele, Jeff Rector, Candida Tolentino, Mark Hamilton

    Synopsis: Lord Doom, evil master of Proyas, the Dark Planet, sends Kraa the Sea Monster to Earth as part of his plan to dominate the galaxy. To keep the meddling hands of the Planet Patrol out of his scheme, he incapacitates their nearby space station. Fortunately, the alien agent Mogyar is on hand to land on Earth to stop the giant sea-beast. Accidentally landing in New Jersey rather than Italy (where scientists could have helped Mogyar build a weapon to stop Kraa), Mogyar must overcome his stereotypical Italian accent and strange appearance in order to ally with nearby humans to save…

  25. Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (2006)

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    R | 1h 28min | 88min | 23 Sep 2006

    Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep 2006
       Score: 4.21/10

    Directors: Tibor Takács, Tibor Takács, John Blush

    Starring: Mike Dopud, Christa Campbell, Aleks Paunovic, Emy Aneke, Paul Lazenby

    Synopsis: Thirty years ago, Ray Reiter witnessed the brutal death of his parents at sea by a strange, octopus-like creature. Now determined to exact revenge, he joins archaeologist Nicole on a perilous high-seas expedition to find a legendary Greek Opal - said to be guarded by the very beast that murdered his family. As they come face to face with the killer Kraken, they must also battle a ruthless crime lord, who will stop at nothing to seize the coveted treasure for himself.

  26. Kung Fury (2015)

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    R | 0h 31min | 31min | 28 May 2015

    Kung Fury 2015
       Score: 6.1/10

    Director: David Sandberg

    Starring: David Hasselhoff, Benjamin Wood, Josh Higgins, Frank Sanderson, Björn Gustafsson

    Synopsis: During an unfortunate series of events a friend of Kung Fury is assassinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time; Adolf Hitler, a.k.a Kung Führer. Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all.

    Tagline: It takes a cop from the future to fight an enemy from the past.

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