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  1. Pacific Rim (2013)

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    PG-13 | 2h 11min | 131min | 12 Jul 2013

    Pacific Rim 2013
       Score: 7.24/10

    Director: Guillermo del Toro

    Starring: Ron Perlman, Idris Elba, Clifton Collins Jr., Matthew G. Taylor, Kayla Bechor

    Synopsis: When monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity's resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes - a washed up former pilot (Charlie…

    Tagline: Go big or go extinct

  2. Pacific Rim: Maelstrom (2018)

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    PG-13 | 1h 51min | 111min | 23 Mar 2018

    Pacific Rim: Maelstrom 2018
       Score: 4.8/10

    Directors: Guillermo del Toro, Steven S. DeKnight

    Starring: Ron Perlman, Max Martini, Robert Maillet, Charlie Hunnam, Rajeev Pahuja

    Synopsis: It is 2035, ten years after the Battle of the Breach, in which the inter-dimensional portal created by the Precursors (through which they sent marauding Kaiju) was closed. Former Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost - son of Battle of the Breach hero Stacker Pentecost - makes a living by stealing and selling Jaeger parts on the black market in the Los Angeles area. After he tracks part of a disabled Jaeger's power core to the secret workshop of fifteen year-old Jaeger enthusiast Amara Namani, both are arrested by the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) after an altercation between Amara's small, single-pilot Jaeger…

    Tagline: Rise up.

  3. Painkillers (2015)

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    R | 1h 42min | 102min | 15 Nov 2015

    Painkillers 2015
       Score: 4.49/10

    Director: Peter Winther

    Starring: Colm Feore, Erica Durance, Tahmoh Penikett, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tom Carey

    Synopsis: Led by Major John Cafferty, a squad of US soldiers are sent on a mission,deep into the mountainous regions of Afghanistan with orders to extract a mysterious top secret package. Now they are back home in a military hospital because they have no memory of what happened to them, or even who they are. In time, they start to recall the strange events that occurred: apparitions that appeared, luring some of them to their deaths and readings of a powerful electromagnetic energy from a strange unearthly power source. But there is no time to dwell on the past, they need…

    Tagline: The cure for mankind has been discovered.

  4. Pandemic (2016)

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    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 01 Apr 2016

    Pandemic 2016
       Score: 4.06/10

    Director: John Suits

    Starring: Pat Healy, Jonathan Ray Buckhouse, Jonathan Buckhouse, Martavious Gayles, Jonathan Ray

    Synopsis: Pandemic is set in the near future, where a virus of epic proportions has overtaken the planet. There are more infected than uninfected, and humanity is losing its grip on survival. Its only hope is finding a cure and keeping the infected contained. Lauren (Rachel Nichols) is a doctor, who, after the fall of New York, comes to Los Angeles to lead a team to hunt for and rescue uninfected survivors.

    Tagline: You Are Humanity's Last Stand

  5. Pandorum (2009)

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    R | 1h 48min | 108min | 25 Sep 2009

    Pandorum 2009
       Score: 4.44/10

    Director: Christian Alvart

    Starring: Cam Gigandet, Norman Reedus, Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Antje Traue

    Synopsis: Two crew members are stranded on a spacecraft and quickly - and horrifically - realize they are not alone. Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It's pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the ship. They can't remember anything: Who are they? What is their mission? With Lt. Payton staying behind to guide him via radio transmitter, Cpl. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecraft's shocking, deadly secrets are revealed...and the astronauts find…

    Tagline: Don't fear the end of the world. Fear what happens next.

  6. Paradox (2016)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 15 Apr 2016

    Paradox 2016
       Score: 4.57/10

    Director: Michael Hurst

    Starring: Zoë Bell, Michael Aaron Milligan, Zoë Bell, Jesse Jacobs, Darren Bailey

    Synopsis: A group of young scientists are working on a secret project that may allow them to travel ahead in time. They test it by sending one of their own ahead one hour. He returns pleading with them to shut it down, explaining that within that hour, they will all die.

    Tagline: Your time is up.

  7. Paranormal Incident (2011)

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    R | 1h 22min | 82min

    Paranormal Incident 2011
       Score: 3.8/10

    Director: Matthew Bolton

    Starring: Thomas Downey, Amanda Barton, Maura Murphy, Oliver Rayon, Luke Casey

    Synopsis: The infamous Odenbrook Sanitarium closed after a mass suicide occurred within its walls. Sixty years later, six college students armed with cameras and recording equipment venture into the asylum to prove the existence of the paranormal. Thrills turn into nightmares as members of the group go missing without a sound, cell phones mysteriously vanish, corridors turn into mazes, walls appear where doors once stood, flashlights fail and something or someone begins toying with the group. Days later, when five of the six friends turn up missing, the lone survivor must go through the recovered footage in order to clear his…

    Tagline: ... only this footage remains (UK 2012 DVD release)

  8. Parasite (2004)

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    R | 1h 33min | 93min | 01 Aug 2004

    Parasite 2004
       Score: 3.51/10

    Director: Andrew Prendergast

    Starring: Michelle Acuna, Oliver Price, Gary Condes, Saskia Gould, Conrad Whitaker

    Synopsis: An abandoned oil rig in the middle of the North Sea. Dr. Christine Hansen is charged with the task of testing an experimental cleaning fluid which could revolutionize the oil industry. Hired to carry out the tests is Jacob Rasmussen and his rough and ready crew of deconstruction engineers. But within hours one of them is missing under suspicious circumstances. Things go from bad to worse when environmental activist Mickey Hennessey and his hard-bitten associates seize control of the rig, taking everybody on board hostage. But very soon oil workers and environmentalists will be compelled to join forces in an…

    Tagline: They Messed With Mother Nature... Now She Wants Revenge

  9. Parasite (1982)

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    R | 1h 25min | 85min | 12 Mar 1982

    Parasite 1982
       Score: 2.35/10

    Director: Charles Band

    Starring: Demi Moore, Cherie Currie, Cheryl Smith, Scott Thomson, Al Fann

    Synopsis: Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government agent named Merchant.

    Tagline: Once it gets inside you, it will do anything to get out!

  10. Passengers (2016)

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    PG-13 | 1h 56min | 116min | 21 Dec 2016

    Passengers 2016
       Score: 5.86/10

    Director: Morten Tyldum

    Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Michael Sheen, Jamie Soricelli, Inder Kumar, Ashley Lambert

    Synopsis: The spaceship, Starship Avalon, in its 120-year voyage to a distant colony planet known as the "Homestead Colony" and transporting 5,258 people has a malfunction in one of its sleep chambers. As a result one hibernation pod opens prematurely and the one person that awakes, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is stranded on the spaceship, still 90 years from his destination.

    Tagline: Every Moment Counts

  11. Patient Zero (2018)

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    R | 1h 33min | 93min | 14 Aug 2018

    Patient Zero 2018
       Score: 3.05/10

    Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

    Starring: Bern Collaço, Bern Collaco, Daniel Westwood, Jorge Leon Martinez, Matt Smith

    Synopsis: In the pandemic thriller, Patient Zero, humanity is battling intelligent, adrenaline-fueled creatures born from a viral super-strain. After being bitten, human survivor Morgan (Matt Smith) realizes he is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected, leading the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

  12. Patrick (1978)

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    PG | 1h 52min | 112min | 07 Sep 1979

    Patrick 1978
       Score: 5.9/10

    Director: Richard Franklin

    Starring: Rod Mullinar, Peter Culpan, Paul Young, Frank Wilson, Robert Thompson

    Synopsis: After the shocking bathtub death of his mother and her lover, the sinister Patrick lays comatose in a small private hospital, his only action being his involuntary spitting. When a pretty young nurse, just separated from her husband, begins work at the hospital, she senses that Patrick is communicating with her, and he seems to be using his psychic powers to manipulate events in her life.

    Tagline: Patrick is Nearly Dead ... And Still He Kills!

  13. Patrick: Evil Awakens (2013)

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    R | 1h 36min | 96min | 14 Mar 2014

    Patrick: Evil Awakens 2013
       Score: 5.9/10

    Director: Mark Hartley

    Starring: Charles Dance, Martin Crewes, Sharni Vinson, Peta Sergeant, Rod Mullinar

    Synopsis: When a young nurse begins work at an isolated psychiatric ward, she quickly becomes fascinated with Patrick, a brain dead patient who is the subject of a mad scientist's cruel and unusual experiments. What starts as an innocent fascination quickly takes a sinister turn as Patrick begins to use his psychic powers to manipulate her every move, and send her life into a terrifying spiral out of control.

    Tagline: The killer in a coma returns

  14. Paul (2011)

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    R | 1h 44min | 104min | 18 Mar 2011

    Paul 2011
       Score: 6.6/10

    Director: Greg Mottola

    Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Simon Pegg, David Koechner, Seth Rogen, Joel Thingvall

    Synopsis: Two sci-fi geeks take a pilgrimage to America's UFO heartland. While there, they accidentally meet an alien who brings them on an insane road trip that alters their universe forever. For the past 60 years, an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) has been hanging out at a top-secret military base. When he discovers he's been taken prisoner, the space-traveling smart ass decides to escape the compound and hop on the first vehicle out of town - a rented RV containing Earthlings Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost). Chased by federal agents and the fanatical father…

    Tagline: There were many sights they planned to see. This was not one of them.

  15. Perfect (2018)

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    R | 1h 28min | 88min | 17 May 2019

    Perfect 2018
       Score: 4.94/10

    Director: Eddie Alcazar

    Starring: Courtney Eaton, Tao Okamoto, Abbie Cornish, Garrett Wareing, Chris Santos

    Synopsis: Garrett, an emotionally-troubled young man, is sent to a clinic, whispering soothing promises of perfection. By planting characteristics directly into his own body, he's relieved of his dark visions, but pays the price for purity of mind.

  16. Perfect Creature (2006)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min | 16 Aug 2007

    Perfect Creature 2006
       Score: 4.98/10

    Director: Glenn Standring

    Starring: Stephen Ure, Craig Hall, Dougray Scott, John Sumner, Saffron Burrows

    Synopsis: Set during the 1960s in an alternate New Zealand known as Nuovo Zelandia, PERFECT CREATURE imagines a world where vampires and humans peacefully co-exist, with the bloodsuckers the next step in human evolution. This delicate balance looks to be destroyed when an influenza epidemic begins to sweep the human population and one vampire turns to preying on humans. The church sends out Silus to catch the renegade vampire, Edgar. Silus joins forces with a human police captain, and discovers that Edgar harbors dark secrets.

    Tagline: Humans And Vampires Have Lived In Harmony.... Until Now. . .

  17. Peripheral (2018)

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    R | 1h 29min | 89min

    Peripheral 2018
       Score: 5.46/10

    Director: Paul Hyett

    Starring: Jenny Seagrove, Rosie Day, Tom Conti, Elliot James Langridge, Hannah Arterton

    Synopsis: Bobbi Johnson is a young literary sensation facing her difficult second novel. Already dealing with a crazed stalker and her junkie ex-boyfriend, Bobbi is convinced by her publisher to use new smart editing software and finds herself going head-to-head with an artificial intelligence determined to write her book for her. As the machine manipulates her work to suit its own nefarious ends, Bobbi begins to realise that she is being controlled in ways far more sinister than she suspected. She may, in fact, be a pawn in a conspiracy of social mind control. Too far down the rabbit hole to…

    Tagline: A young writer battles the intelligent software designed to help her write her new book and stumbles upon a conspiracy of social control.

  18. Phantasm (1979)

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    R | 1h 28min | 88min | 28 Mar 1979

    Phantasm 1979
       Score: 7.04/10

    Director: Don Coscarelli

    Starring: Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Kathy Lester

    Synopsis: Mike, a young teenage boy who has just lost his parents, afraid to lose his brother follow him to a funeral, where Mike witnesses the Tall Man lifting a coffin on his own. Mike decides to investigate, and discovers that the Tall Man, protected by his flying spheres, is shrinking dead bodies down to half their normal size and reanimating them as slaves. It is then up to Mike, his brother, and Reggie the ice cream man to stop the Tall man.

    Tagline: If you're looking for horror that's got balls...IT'S FOUND YOU.

  19. Phantasm II (1988)

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    R | 1h 37min | 97min | 08 Jul 1988

    Phantasm II 1988
       Score: 5.24/10

    Director: Don Coscarelli

    Starring: Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, Phil Fondacaro, A. Michael Baldwin, Ed Gale

    Synopsis: Mike is released from psychiatry, when he agrees with the doctors that the terrible happenings in his past were just in his imagination. But once he's free, he contacts Redge and they team up to hunt down and eliminate the "Tall Man", who plunders the graveyards and steals the corpses with help of his terrible dwarfs. A beautiful strange girl starts to appear in Mike's dreams. He assumes she's in danger and needs their help - will they find her before the Tall Man can do her any harm?

    Tagline: Now, the horrifying truth is about to be revealed...and all it took was a little digging.

  20. Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994)

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    R | 1h 31min | 91min | 08 Dec 1994

    Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead 1994
       Score: 6.08/10

    Director: Don Coscarelli

    Starring: Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Kathy Lester

    Synopsis: The Tall Man, that imposing menace from Morningside Mortuary, is back and once again haunting the thoughts of the now-adult Mike and his friend, ex-Ice Cream vendor Reggie. The two continue their hunt for the mysterious figure and in his path of destruction encounter a variety of dangerous situations, friends and enemies. They also must contend with the resurrected dead plus a growing number of the infamous and deadly silver spheres which aid the Tall Man as he sets his sights on indoctrinating Mike and finishing the fight begun so many years ago.

    Tagline: If You Don't Get It This Time, He'll Have To Drill It Into Your Head!

  21. Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998)

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    R | 1h 30min | 90min

    Phantasm IV: Oblivion 1998
       Score: 4.77/10

    Director: Don Coscarelli

    Starring: Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Bob Ivy

    Synopsis: Taking off immediately where the last one ended, in this episode Mike travels across dimensions and time fleeing from the Tall Man, at the same time he tries to find the origins of his enemy, and what really happened the night that his brother died. Meanwhile, Reggie (accompanied by a beauty he picked up on the road) battles the spheres and the undead in a quest to find Mike before the Tall Man can complete his transformation.

    Tagline: The sequel with balls!

  22. Phantoms (1998)

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    R | 1h 36min | 96min | 23 Jan 1998

    Phantoms 1998
       Score: 3.77/10

    Director: Joe Chappelle

    Starring: Liev Schreiber, Linnea Quigley, Nicky Katt, Judith Drake, Rose McGowan

    Synopsis: Dr. Jennifer Pailey and her sister Lisa visit the a small town in the Rocky Mountains. The sisters find no one but a few corpses, then join Sheriff Bryce Hammond and his deputies, Flyte, a British academic, and the remains of an Army commando unit. Together they uncover a sub-terrainain life-form that absorbs its victims while gaining their knowledge. Making it extremely intelligent, and because of the victims perception of it, it believes itself to be the devil. Flyte suggests that the creature's body is almost identical chemically to crude oil, and could be killed by bacteria used to break…

    Tagline: Fear Underground

  23. Phase IV (1974)

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    PG | 1h 24min | 84min

    Phase IV 1974
       Score: 6.1/10

    Director: Saul Bass

    Starring: Michael Murphy, Helen Horton, Robert Henderson, David Healy, Alan Gifford

    Synopsis: Desert ants suddenly form a collective intelligence and begin to wage war on the desert inhabitants. It is up to two scientists and a stray girl they rescue from the ants to destroy them. But the ants have other ideas.

    Tagline: Ravenous Invaders Controlled by a Terror Out in Space Commanded to Annihilate the World!

  24. Phenomenon (1996)

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    PG | 2h 03min | 123min | 03 Jul 1996

    Phenomenon 1996
       Score: 5.17/10

    Director: Jon Turteltaub

    Starring: Troy Evans, Jeffrey DeMunn, Forest Whitaker, Tony Genaro, Brent Spiner

    Synopsis: John Travolta plays George Malley, who owns the local auto repair shop in a small California town. After celebrating his birthday with friends at the local bar/hang-out, George heads for home. He pauses to watch a strange light in the sky, then collapses for a few seconds in the middle of the deserted street. In the days and weeks that follow, George finds his IQ and consciousness expanding dramatically, and develops telekinetic abilities. Despite his attempts to explain what has happened to him, with just a very few exceptions, most of the local townspeople treat the "new" George as a…

    Tagline: Some things in life just can't be explained.

  25. Phoenix Forgotten (2017)

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    PG-13 | 1h 27min | 87min | 21 Apr 2017

    Phoenix Forgotten 2017
       Score: 4.13/10

    Director: Justin Barber

    Starring: Richard Cansino, Jeanine Jackson, Hector Luis Bustamante, Clint Jordan, Daniel Korman

    Synopsis: Phoenix Forgotten tells the story of three teens who went into the desert shortly after the incident, hoping to document the strange events occurring in their town. They disappeared that night, and were never seen again. Now, on the twentieth anniversary of their disappearance, unseen footage has finally been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition. For the first time ever, the truth will be revealed.

    Tagline: Based on Shocking Untold True Events

  26. Pi (1998)

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    R | 1h 24min | 84min | 10 Jul 1998

    Pi 1998
       Score: 7.8/10

    Director: Darren Aronofsky

    Starring: Mark Margolis, Stanley B. Herman, Ajay Naidu, Abraham Aronofsky, Samia Shoaib

    Synopsis: In NYC's Chinatown, recluse math genius Max (Sean Gullette) believes "everything can be understood in terms of numbers," and he looks for a pattern in the system as he suffers headaches, plays Go with former teacher Sol Robeson (Mark Margolis), and fools around with an advanced computer system he's built in his apartment. Both a Wall Street company and a Hasidic sect take an interest in his work, but he's distracted by blackout attacks, hallucinations, and paranoid delusions..

    Tagline: There will be no order, only chaos

  27. Piranha (1978)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 03 Aug 1978

    Piranha 1978
       Score: 6.73/10

    Director: Joe Dante

    Starring: Dick Miller, R.C. Keene, Belinda Balaski, Paul Bartel, Shawn Nelson

    Synopsis: When flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort's rivers, the guests become their next meal.

    Tagline: A hideous death lurked unseen in the river...

  28. Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981)

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    R | 1h 34min | 94min | 05 Nov 1982

    Piranha Part Two: The Spawning 1981
       Score: 1.9/10

    Directors: James Cameron, Ovidio G. Assonitis, Miller Drake

    Starring: Lance Henriksen, Carole Davis, Ricky Paull Goldin, Captain Kidd Brewer Jr., Carolyn De Fonseca

    Synopsis: A sunken US supply ship off a Caribbean island resort is the focus for a series of mysterious piranha attacks. Investigating the death of one of her son's companions after a scuba-diving trip, Anne Kimbrough breaks into the morgue with holidaymaker Tyler Sherman, only to discover that the fish have wings and can fly. But the hotel manager refuses to call off the annual fish fry on the beach, with inevitable consequences...

    Tagline: The Terror Is Back....But This Time It Flies!

  29. Piranha Sharks (2016)

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    R | 1h 19min | 79min | 08 Aug 2018

    Piranha Sharks 2016
       Score: 4.09/10

    Director: Leigh Scott

    Starring: Frederic Doss, Benjamin Kanes, Kevin Sorbo, Leigh Scott, Josh Hammond

    Synopsis: Great white sharks bio-engineered to be the size of piranhas with the purpose of living in rich people's exotic aquariums terrorize New York City when they get into the water supply and do what great white sharks do best.

    Tagline: People Love Sharks.

  30. Pitch Black (2000)

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    R | 1h 49min | 109min | 18 Feb 2000

    Pitch Black 2000
       Score: 6.68/10

    Director: David Twohy

    Starring: Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Keith David, John Moore, Cole Hauser

    Synopsis: The space transport vessel "Hunter-Gratzner" carrying 40 people on-board crashes on a desert planet when the ship is struck in a meteor storm. There are only 11 survivors, among them are pilot Carolyn Fry (Who has assumed command after the ship's captain is killed), bounty hunter William J. Johns, religious man Abu Al-Walid, Antiques dealer Paris P. Ogilvie, runaway teenager Jack, settlers John 'Zeke' Ezekiel and his lover Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery, and Richard B. Riddick, a dangerous escaped convict. Marooned, the survivors discover the barren and hot desert-scape has sunlight from three suns. Not only must they find food and…

    Tagline: Fight Evil With Evil

  31. Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)

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    PG | 1h 24min | 84min | 27 Aug 1979

    Planet of Dinosaurs 1977
       Score: 4.35/10

    Director: James K. Shea

    Starring: James Whitworth, Louie Lawless, Michael Lee, Mary Appleseth, Harvey Shain

    Synopsis: A space-ship gets lost and is forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. The planet looks much like Earth, only with no trace of civilization. Soon the crew discovers that there are dinosaurs on the planet, and blood-thirsty buggers at that. The crew hopes to be found and rescued, but they have to struggle to survive until then.

    Tagline: Trapped On A Lost World of Prehistoric Monsters

  32. Planet of the Apes (1968)

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    R | 1h 52min | 112min | 03 Apr 1968

    Planet of the Apes 1968
       Score: 8.48/10

    Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

    Starring: Felix Silla, Roddy McDowall, Jerry Maren, Charlton Heston, Linda Harrison

    Synopsis: Taylor and two other astronauts come out of deep hibernation to find that their ship has crashed. Escaping with little more than clothes they find that they have landed on a planet where men are pre-lingual and uncivilized while apes have learned speech and technology. Taylor is captured and taken to the city of the apes after damaging his throat so that he is silent and cannot communicate with the apes.

    Tagline: Somewhere in the universe there must be something better than man. In a matter of time, an astronaut will wing through the centuries and find the answer. He may find the most terrifying one of all on the planet where apes are the rulers and man the beast.

  33. Planet of the Apes (2001)

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    PG-13 | 1h 59min | 119min | 27 Jul 2001

    Planet of the Apes 2001
       Score: 5.04/10

    Director: Tim Burton

    Starring: David Warner, Deep Roy, Helena Bonham Carter, Kevin Grevioux, Isaac C. Singleton Jr.

    Synopsis: It is the year 2029: Astronaut Leo Davidson boards a pod cruiser on a Space Station for a "routine" reconnaissance mission. But an abrupt detour through a space time wormhole lands him on a strange planet where talking apes rule over the human race. With the help of a sympathetic chimpanzee activist named Ari and a small band of human rebels, Leo leads the effort to evade the advancing Gorilla Army led by General Thade and his most trusted warrior Attar. Now the race is on to reach a sacred temple within the planet's Forbidden Zone to discover the shocking…

    Tagline: The battle begins November 20th

  34. Planet of the Sharks (2016)

    video player

    R | 1h 26min | 86min | 27 Jul 2016

    Planet of the Sharks 2016
       Score: 3.69/10

    Director: Mark Atkins

    Starring: Brandon Auret, Alex Anlos, Stephanie Beran, Lindsay Sullivan, Angie Teodora Dick

    Synopsis: In the near future, glacial melting has covered ninety-eight percent of Earth's landmass. Sharks have flourished, and now dominate the planet, operating as one massive school led by a mutated alpha shark.

  35. Planet of the Vampires (1965)

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    R | 1h 28min | 88min | 27 Oct 1965

    Planet of the Vampires 1965
       Score: 6.52/10

    Director: Mario Bava

    Starring: Jack Curtis, Stelio Candelli, Joyce Gordon, Ángel Aranda, Barry Sullivan

    Synopsis: In the near future the two spaceships Argos and Galliot are sent to investigate the mysterious planet Aura. As the Galliot lands on the planet her crew suddenly go berserk and attack each other. The strange event passes, but the crew soon discovers the crashed Argos - and learns that her crew died fighting each other! Investigating further, the explorers come to realize the existence of a race of bodiless aliens that seek to escape from their dying world.

    Tagline: THIS WAS THE DAY THE UNIVERSE TREMBLED before the demon forces of the KILLER PLANET!

  36. Planet Raptor (2007)

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    R | 1h 27min | 87min | 25 Jan 2009

    Planet Raptor 2007
       Score: 3.8/10

    Director: Gary Jones

    Starring: Ted Raimi, Peter Jason, Musetta Vander, Bart Sidles, Serban Celea

    Synopsis: Year 2066: The raptors are not extinct and they proliferated in the quatres corners of the galaxy, leaving a very little place for humans. The only hope for the human race is a group of soldiers.

  37. Planeta bur (1962)

    R | 1h 18min | 78min | 14 Apr 1962

    Planeta bur 1962
       Score: 5.86/10

    Director: Pavel Klushantsev

    Starring: Georgiy Teykh, Vladimir Yemelyanov, Georgi Zhzhyonov, Gennadi Vernov, Yuriy Sarantsev

    Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

  38. Plankton (1994)

    R | 1h 26min | 86min | 08 Jan 2000

    Plankton 1994
       Score: 4.71/10

    Director: Alvaro Passeri

    Starring: Deran Sarafian, Clay Rogers, Michael Bon, Sharon Marino, Laura di Palma

    Synopsis: Five teenagers embark on a boating trip off the coast of Florida. The teens get hopelessly lost at sea after they get caught in a fierce storm. Fortunately, the quintet stumble across an abandoned yacht in the middle of the ocean with a mysterious biology lab on board it. Unfortunately, there are also ferocious mutated prehistoric fish running amok on the yacht. Will any of the teens survive this harrowing ordeal?

    Tagline: Sit right back and hear a tale, A tale of a frightful ship

  39. Pon (2002)

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    R | 1h 44min | 104min | 26 Jul 2002

    Pon 2002
       Score: 6.25/10

    Director: Byeong-ki Ahn

    Starring: Ji-won Ha, Yu-mi Kim, Woo-jae Choi, Ji-yeon Choi, Seo-woo Eun

    Synopsis: After writing a series of articles about pedophilia, the journalist Ji-won receives threatening calls on her cellular and she changes her number. Her close friend Ho-jung and her husband Chang-hoon invite Ji-won to move to their house in Bang Bae that is empty and closed. When the young daughter of her friends Young-Su answers a phone call in her mobile phone, the girl screams and changes her behavior, feeling a great attraction for her father and rejecting her mother. Meanwhile Ji-won receives weird phone calls and sees and listens to a teenager playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" on the piano. After…

    Tagline: The Last Call You'll Ever Get ...

  40. Power Rangers (2017)

    video player

    PG-13 | 2h 04min | 124min | 24 Mar 2017

    Power Rangers 2017
       Score: 5.77/10

    Director: Dean Israelite

    Starring: Patrick Sabongui, Fred Tatasciore, Garry Chalk, John Stewart, Elizabeth Banks

    Synopsis: High school outcasts stumble upon an old alien ship, where they acquire superpowers and are dubbed the Power Rangers. Learning that an old enemy of the previous generation has returned to exact vengeance, the group must harness their powers and use them to work together and save the world.

    Tagline: Back to action!

  41. Predator (1987)

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    R | 1h 47min | 107min | 12 Jun 1987

    Predator 1987
       Score: 7.2/10

    Director: John McTiernan

    Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Henry Kingi, Peter Cullen, Kevin Peter Hall

    Synopsis: A team of special force ops, led by a tough but fair soldier, Major "Dutch" Schaefer, are ordered to assist CIA man, Colonel Al Dillon, on a rescue mission for potential survivors of a Helicopter downed over remote South American jungle. Not long after they land, Dutch and his team discover that they have been sent in under false pretenses. This deception turns out to be the least of their worries though, when they find themselves being methodically hunted by something not of this world.

    Tagline: If it bleeds, we can kill it...

  42. Predator 2 (1990)

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    R | 1h 48min | 108min | 21 Nov 1990

    Predator 2 1990
       Score: 5.4/10

    Director: Stephen Hopkins

    Starring: Michael Papajohn, Thomas Rosales Jr., Bill Paxton, Henry Kingi, Pat Skipper

    Synopsis: LAPD lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and his cocky detective partner Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton) soon realize that what seemed a bloody feud between voodoo high priest King Willie's (Calvin Lockhart) Jamaican gangs and Ramon Vega's (Corey Rand) Colombian drug gang is actually the work of a scary third party. Peter Keyes's (Gary Busey) federal team shields the crime scene even for the LAPD, but after forensics proves it must be an alien, who keeps making victims, the chase brings them all together.

    Tagline: Pull over, park, and pray.

  43. Predators (2010)

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    R | 1h 47min | 107min | 09 Jul 2010

    Predators 2010
       Score: 6.35/10

    Directors: Nimród Antal, Nimród Antal

    Starring: Danny Trejo, Derek Mears, Brian Steele, Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody

    Synopsis: When a group of elite warriors find themselves in a jungle they realize that they are in a completely different planet and it's home to a race of extraterrestrial hunters. The Group consists of, A Mercenary known as Royce, A IDF Sniper known as Isabelle, A Russian Spetsnaz known as Nikolai, A Drug Cartel Enforcer known as Cuchillo, A RUF Officer known as Mombasa, A Death Row Immate known as Stans, A Yakuza Assassin known as Hanzo and an American Doctor known as Edwin. It's up to these 8 Individuals to Stop their Hunters and get out of the planet.

    Tagline: Fear is Reborn

  44. Predestination (2014)

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    R | 1h 37min | 97min | 09 Jan 2015

    Predestination 2014
       Score: 7.74/10

    Directors: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig

    Starring: Ethan Hawke, Christopher Kirby, Noah Taylor, Marky Lee Campbell, Aria Taylor

    Synopsis: PREDESTINATION chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career for all eternity. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

    Tagline: To save the future he must reshape the past.

  45. Prehysteria! (1993)

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    PG | 1h 24min | 84min | 24 Sep 1993

    Prehysteria! 1993
       Score: 4.35/10

    Directors: Charles Band, Albert Band

    Starring: Frank Welker, Brett Cullen, Austin O'Brien, Tony Longo, Tom Williams

    Synopsis: Rico, a sleazy museum curator, steals a tribe's sacred dinosaur eggs in the rain forest. Frank is an archeologist and single parent, and eeks out a living by selling fossils from his farm to the museum. In a mixup, his kids bring home the eggs and hatch the miniature dinosaurs. Frank is falling in love with Vicki, who works for Rico, and finds his life complicated when the dinosaurs begin trashing his house, and Rico attempts to regain his treasure.

    Tagline: They're Not Just Fossils Anymore.

  46. Prey (1977)

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    R | 1h 18min | 78min

    Prey 1977
       Score: 5.11/10

    Director: Norman J. Warren

    Starring: Barry Stokes, Eddie Stacey, Sally Faulkner, Glory Annen, Sandy Chinney

    Synopsis: Jessica awakens when an alien spacecraft lands nearby. After dispatching a young couple, the alien assumes the identity of the recently dispatched young man. Jessica and her possessive lover Josephine invite "Anders" in when it appears he's hurt. Soon Jessica becomes suspicious of Josephine's overbearing ways, and relies more on the alien for support, but his purpose on earth remains unclear.

    Tagline: His savage hunger makes us all... Alien Prey

  47. Priest (2011) (2011)

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    PG-13 | 1h 27min | 87min | 13 May 2011

    Priest (2011) 2011
       Score: 4.9/10

    Director: Scott Stewart

    Starring: Brad Dourif, Karl Urban, Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Christopher Plummer

    Synopsis: PRIEST, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, is set in an alternative world -- one ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest from the last Vampire War who now lives in obscurity among the other downtrodden human inhabitants in walled-in dystopian cities ruled by the Church. When his niece is abducted by a murderous pack of vampires, Priest breaks his sacred vows to venture out on a quest to find her before they turn her into one of them. He is joined on his crusade by his niece's boyfriend, a trigger-fingered young…

    Tagline: Vampire Killer

  48. Primer (2004)

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    PG-13 | 1h 17min | 77min | 27 May 2005

    Primer 2004
       Score: 6.97/10

    Director: Shane Carruth

    Starring: David Joyner, David Sullivan, Brandon Blagg, Jon Cook, Shane Carruth

    Synopsis: Engineers Aaron, Abe, Robert and Phillip are working on an invention, the prototype being built in Aaron's garage. This project is beyond their day jobs. The project truly does belong to Aaron and Abe, as they use all their free time working on it, primarily trying to overcome the many engineering related problems they've encountered. It is during one of his tests with the invention running that Abe discovers that a protein inside the main unit has multiplied much more rapidly than it could in nature. Rather than the invention being a protein super incubator, Abe, using himself as a…

    Tagline: If you always want what you can't have, what do you want when you can have anything?

  49. Prince of Darkness (1987)

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    R | 1h 42min | 102min | 23 Oct 1987

    Prince of Darkness 1987
       Score: 5.15/10

    Director: John Carpenter

    Starring: Donald Pleasence, Peter Jason, Victor Wong, Alice Cooper, Thom Bray

    Synopsis: A sinister secret has been kept in the basement of an abandoned Los Angeles church for many years. With the death of a priest belonging to a mysterious sect, another priest opens the door to the basement and discovers a vat containing a green liquid. The priest contacts a group of physics graduate students to investigate it. Unfortunately, they discover that the liquid contains the essence of Satan himself, and they also discover that he will release HIS father - an all-powerful Anti-God! The liquid later comes to life itself, turning some of the students into zombies as the Devil…

    Tagline: Where are you...? Christ?

  50. Princess of Mars (2009)

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    R | 1h 33min | 93min | 29 Dec 2009

    Princess of Mars 2009
       Score: 2.37/10

    Director: Mark Atkins

    Starring: Kimberly Ables Jindra, Traci Lords, Matt Lasky, Tomas Boykin, Rochelle Rudolph

    Synopsis: John Carter (Antonio Sabato Jr.) is some kind of lone soldier in the middle east who looks at everyone through the scope on his rifle, until one day he gets shot a bunch of times and the government decides to reconstruct him on another planet for some reason. Naked and surrounded by hostile aliens, John Carter must fight for survival as aliens try to kill him and/or make him eat bugs. John Carter does NOT WANT TO EAT BUGS.

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